Play the best online, offline, and text-based games of any genre for a unique experience. You nagged it out of me. Also, pinball champ 82 does not always have the flippers activate when the ball in in the upper play field. Metal Pinball – Classic arcade maniacs Duy Nguyen 5. Options like playing a table on a lit room or a dark room are great, however the physics are way off. Please refund my money or reinstall the games that I purchased!

Get this data via API or Spreadsheet. FIXED top left gate that allows the ball to pass it in certain circumstances. Can’t play at all so for now no stars. The logo consists of their initials. But it’s really annoying when your doing good then all the sudden the flippers stop working. Please go back and tweak things and this would be awesome. Pick this one up!

This app has huge potential if the devs refine the game. Yes, Pinball Arcade is still superior, but you are going to be surprised by how close they are to them, and in some important ways–dare I say–better.

On the last fourth ball-the flippers go dead so the game cannot be completed properly. And the countdown sometimes starts even though the ball does not make it all the way up into the upper ramp.

Buy the pinbball package and adjust to your liking.

Zaccaria (company) – Wikipedia

See zaccsria data and optimize your own apps! There are at least 47 different Zaccaria pinball machines known to exist although some are just variations of the same game.


So weird to not have the ball actually bounce and react to rubber but slow down, not realistic physics engine at all. There are 3 choices: If you’re a fan of real pinball it’s a no brainier. That’s why it flashes “game time bonus” on the 4th ball- its a bonus round, not a fourth ball per se.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

When the timer runs out- game over. This app gets better with each update.

Ball does not bounce like it should. I am sure these older style machines will fulfill my pinball addiction. Retrieved 22 March The developers did not dumb these tables down. ADDED slingshot feature to 4 spots around middle plastic cover. The fourth ball is a timed bonus ball that you can play for a duration of seconds that you earn during your first 3 balls.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

I’ve played zen pinball and pinball arcade both are good very this however is awesome but there is some bugs -preformance is a bit choppy I’m using an iPhone 4 here -ball seems to pass through flipper at times That’s only the 2 problems I see with the game overall its a fun game. Please tap on “Call Attendant” button if this happen. For example, end of game speech calls for devil riders, “the thrill is over” and “I’m sorry, your an amateur rider” or “you’re terrific Enjoying the true-to-life classic pinball.


These pinball machines are from Italy The original machines were designed to hook you, steal your money, then have you jamming more quarters in asap.

Listening to fans, ASK Homework has crafted a great game. My only suggestion would be rule sheets and maybe some history or a flyer for each table.

The free version doesn’t do this collection justice, because the feature list is cut off until you upgrade.

Zaccaria Pinball Master Edition

They had created and produced more than 30 different pinball machines between and Upgrade your SearchMan Solutions. These are good tables but I agree with other reviewers that pinbal flippers do not respond as quickly as my fingers touch the iPad. Love the new physics but There is truly some good pinball to be found here combined with some unique touches on some of the tables. Game before ending production was an Italian company of pinball and arcade machines that existed in Bologna from until At their best time, Zaccaria was the third largest company of pinball machines in the world after Bally and Williams.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

The new physics update is truly amazing.

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