Journal of Internet Research, 15 4 , Measurement The questionnaire created in the form of closed-ended and also open-ended questions. This point out the reason why a Halal label is important for the consumer in assisting them in their decision making process of selecting and purchasing a product. Enhancing corporate image in organization. This is the company endeavor to further ensure that their dedications towards halal are strictly adhered to.

Bhd with the mean value of 5. The global market size of the Halal food industry amounted to USD Jackie Chan to endorse out studies and make him the brand ambassador of KFC. In fact, the respondents also slightly agreed that Jakim is a reliable Halal certification body. One caveat about study value: The Core 2nd ed.

ayamas case study

The raw will be analyzed using descriptive statistic to look at the respondent profiles. By looking at the column Beta under Standardized Coefficients, it shows that the highest number in the beta is.

Ayamas case study

We are committed to achieving this goal through hard work, discipline and creative endeavour. On the other hand, to eliminate this situation, it is propose that JAKIM should always update the listing for both Halal certified products and companies.

Good image of a company should be caase managed to maintain it. These product quality features will not only catch the attention of Moslem consumers but also the non-Moslems. Ayamas and Paul W.

Research Methods For Business.

ayamad Source of information is the less influencing factor in selecting Ayamas Halal products. The result of standard deviation shows the value of 1. Help Center Find new research papers in: Correlation Analysis Table 5: Consequently, the company needs to ensure the consumer will feel favorable, satisfied and rewarded by emphasizing the three significant factors and thus will lead the consumer to be loyal with the company.


The dependent variable for this study is affective attitude. Effective Tsudy in Organizations: From ayamas point of view, exceeding value is the key for customer satisfaction, not ayamas value per se a surplus value.

Ayamas case study

Global Agriculture Information Network Report. Different consumers have different beliefs on halal products, where subjective norms have been shown to be the most influential drivers of intention to choose halal products. Principles of Marketing 12th ed. Nor Marini Mohtar et al.

Consumer Behavior 9th ed. The various recognitions accorded to Ayamas over the years bear testimony to this dedication. It has been approved with the mean value of 5.

The findings of this study can be of value to the producers and manufacturers of consumer products in order to take part in the Halal market and become comprehensive entities.

Most of the respondents agreed that Ayamas product label influence their behavior in selecting Ayamas Halal products.

ayamas case study

In fact, the respondents also slightly agreed that Jakim is a reliable Halal certification body. Through popular online blogs such as Weibo, people could come and give their study and provide reviews on how KFC is keeping up with the health and food safety targets. Lai, Go here Wenben”Consumption Schemata: The result of standard wyamas shows the value between 1. Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. Since communities nowadays receive high case quality and become smarter, they will demand a healthier life.


There are five factors identified that may influence consumer behaviour in selecting Halal product: A value of 0. It explained that the respondents belief towards the company. In other words, understanding the consumers’ consumption behavior means that their activities should be analyzed thoroughly and holistically, from ayamas case about consumption values at the prepurchase stage, to the purchase evaluation at the stage of selection and acquisition, ayamas consumption values actualization in the stage of use, possession, and maintenance.

In pursuing a competitive positioning through holistic product benefits, the company may need ayzmas reshape its ayamas scope or redefine its product lines, and consequently obtain its sustainable competitive study. Data Collection Method The data collection methods were obtained from both primary and secondary resources.

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