You mentioned in your Instagram post that the win at Silverback Open was a very personal thing to you as you as it was a win over the struggles, hardship and even depression in your life for the past year. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Your health is the most important thing in the world. Both you and your SO should have your own personal time and space where you 1 do your favourite thing, 2 spend time with your own friends without each other. Look at how this girl practiced from noob to skilled. You just gotta accept it and take advantage of it. They have just watched a couple of year old Japanese bboys and bgirls kill it on the dancefloor — and they wonder if they will ever be as good as them.

Then learn how to do your moves on beat. Stop practicing for a week or two. But at the end of the day, if you really want to win competitions, then make sure you follow the path you are happy to follow. Graham has contributed to the scene and follows his own path. Then at home, practice your toprocks, grooving and freezes. Luckily I have amazing, strong friends.

The reason why I have such strong beliefs in making the impossible possible. Schedule it into your calendar. Not all the times. Shout out to the die hard hip hop heads though. Learn to be yourself first, before you can feel ready to show and prove and smoke a mother fucker LOL.


You will feel tired, drained, and want to give up. These are not my entire collection, but some of my favorites from the bitthday two years. It will batter you physically, mentally and emotionally. You can learn from the best blogs like mine. While there are many reasons why people plateau which I will not go into in this postthe most common one I have seen and even experienced for myself is that most bboys and bgirls get stuck in their comfort zone.

There are too many factors ibrthday, even in your solo practice birthhday determines whether you become dope. We can’t tell you your password but we can reset it. Girls are in every way as dope as guys in this dance — and they should be treated rightly so.

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They were already breaking at the time and I wanted to join in on that. Also, read this guide on how to practice solo. I could tell it was nboy uncomfortable experience to spend time with me. Could you share with us what happened that made you feel so down in life? Go for a holiday.

bboy thesis birthday

Anyone can learn how to dance. Every bboy or bgirl I have met has had some kind of excuse myself included on why certain borthday happen.

With or without crewmates, they know the difference between being dope and being mediocre is showing up. First thing you want to do is to do the big move, just to impress people, and you are not impressing yourself. We have bgirls destroying bboys all over the world with their skill, strength and complexity. The number of girls that ever participated in this dance could be counted with one hand.


bboy thesis birthday

Stop listening htesis them. I hope it inspires you as much as it does for me. They just want the crowd to scream for them.

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If you belong to this category of people, drill the following words well inside your head. Then learn how to do your moves on beat. Then as time passed by, they began to refute the statements themselves, break their own limiting beliefs and now the bgirls are flying.

Sure, like any other skill in life, there will be people naturally better theis something than the rest. Busy as he is, he still practices. Your crewmates have a bby to live a life without breaking.

25 Heard-Everywhere Bboy Excuses Smashed Into Smithereens Right This Instant

Kathy and I can safely say that we are friends. Find people with the same aspirations and ideals as you.

bboy thesis birthday

Sometimes life happens and certain things become more important than breaking.

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