Update my browser now. Your browser is out-of-date! For the CAPM, beta is based on past performance. There are business cycles and we need to look at those cycles to estimate the long-term growth rate in earnings and dividends Correia et al. Want us to call you? Sustainable dividends the essential requirement in the middle of a downturn.

Want us to call you? During these times the board may decide to give up dividend increases. The optimum proportion of risk-free asset and market portfolio is dependent on the individual risk profile of each investor. Therefore, many securities will offer a risk premium. US dividend cuts hit those dependent on the income. Would you include an intercept in this model? But Kamaiah , who carried out the test for the CAPM on 53 stocks listed on the Bombay stock exchange by considering Bombay Stock Exchange sensitive index as market index from to , came up with the conclusion that beta is highly significant for all securities and there is a strong positive relationship between individual stock excess return and market index.

For the CAPM, beta is based on past performance. The management has the dilemma of whether to pay dividends or not and how much to pay. Submit the request below and a friendly advisor will call you back within 10 minutes! Financial management and analysis.

Carpetright makes first dividend cut as profits slide.

Also, there is an anomaly when trying to find security returns using the CAPM, called size effect. Please enter a valid email address or phone number.

CAPM is other viable alternative to the Gordon model for calculating the cost of capital. However, many assets also embody a certain degree of risk such as default or liquidity risk. There is no certainty that the future will be like the past.


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While the CAPM offers simple and intuitive explanation for the relationship between return and risk, the empirical record of the prediction made by the model is not very attractive. The DVM may produce higher valuations of these firms instead of the actual one Damodaran, The CAPM toopics also a single-factor model i.

As the recession deepens, unemployment rises and consumer spending slides, dividend cuts are one more negative factor weighing on the U. This historical estimate of the beta can be used to forecast future returns on the asset i based on the future expected returns on the market. During these times the board may decide to give up dividend increases.

A critical evaluation of the DVM and the CAPM

To broaden the understanding of business and leverage my management skills, I decided to pursue an MBA in Finance, which I successfully completed in The Economist, VolNopp.

While investors cannot rely on the model alone, it is a useful source of information required for other complex models.

capm dissertation topics

The capital asset market is based on a number of assumptions that might not hold if the efficient markets hypothesis is violated. The theory suggests that the dividend decision only affects the financing decision and is a residual decision. While the model is based on a simple idea, it makes a number of assumptions before making any predictions Defuso et al. Subscribe Enter your email address below to receive helpful student articles and tips.

In general, may studies have put forward a belief that asset price may be affected by other factors in addition to market returns, as contended by CAPM. Moreover DVM does not work when the company pays no dividends or they are all time historically low e. The changing economic environment can affect the dividend policy of an organisation. However some theories suggest that paying dividends can be beneficial for a firm. For Research and Sample purposes only.


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Various economic factors such as inflation, interest rates, economic growth or other factors can depress earnings of firms to a level that will not support an tkpics in dividends. Therefore, it is not possible to use the intercept as a historical estimate of the risk-free rate when using this regression equation. The need to take into account disseetation dividends paid by the company and its historical share price make the use of DVM relevant only for the listed companies.

But Damodaran favours the use of DVM for companies where obtaining an estimation of cash flow is difficult e. The stock beta calculated on the basis of the 5 year historic data is 0. Ideally, the market portfolio includes all types of observable assets including equities, fixed income securities, and physical assets. The risk-free rate is the minimum rate an investor should be getting for investing in a security. The model proposes that investors should ideally hold a combination of risk-free asset and the market portfolio as part of their portfolio.

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