They used Knowledge Guru to help accounts learn the differences in products and to help train and motivate salespeople to learn more about the products. As they keep his inbox clear and his schedule up-to-date, learners also have to keep his stress down and his energy up to improve his productivity. Knowledge Guru is essential to reinforcing this technical knowledge, and participants have rated Knowledge Guru highly as a learning tool that helped them achieve their certification. The RUH Bath Trust wanted an interactive activity to help new staff understand the requirements of the Care Certificate in their new roles. Connect With Us Linkedin twitter facebook Rss youtube. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form.

Built as an around-the-world treasure hunt, Learners playing Triskellion need to manage the workflow of Professor Robert Wise. They commissioned us to develop a blended learning solution, with on and offline games to equip new starters with core knowledge and skills. I could see the depth of engagement in the way that staff and residents concentrated on the game and on answering questions and engaging with scenarios. In each lesson, coding simulators let learners practise each command and line of code as they go. Beira Central Hospital, Mozambique Issue: Feedback from players has been consistently positive. The meta-study found that, compared to other methods, simulation games deliver:

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Heineken Capability Academy wanted to improve initial training for customer-facing teams. As their skills improve, learners earn experience points and climb a gamified skill tree. Most importantly, the spaced repetition built in to Knowledge Guru is critical to helping new associates retain this foundational knowledge when they begin working with customers. July 17, – 4: Think About the Learning and Then The agents were able to play the game in short time periods which is great for a production based environment.


They also wanted the curriculum to be more engaging. September 21, – 6: Fundamentals of Equipment Leasing -[created].

The McDonalds Till game is a simulation designed to improve sales by making till service more efficient. Does it actually work? Our gamified workshop cut the time required for induction by half, and both the client stufy participants find the new process much more engaging and efficient.

5 Case Studies that Prove Learning Games Work

The games address Dysphagia and Communication. Rising loan statistics prove the increasing popularity of the games with staff members across the Trust. The Welcome Game Client: Please correct the marked field s below.

The impact of computer-based simulation within an instructional sequence on learner performance in a web-based environment Castaneda, 3.

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Since launch, till transactions have been reduced by 7. The training made me aware that I mgams the process and steps very well. Social 1 Social 2 Social 3 Social 4 Social 5.

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However, little work has been done to evaluate how suitable board games are for engaging with service-users and patients. These game based learning initiatives might just give you the answer….

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Fill out my online form. The project went on to win a Brandon Hall Award.


Most importantly, the games are driving true retention of the content. Wyndham Management Onboarding Performance Readiness -[created].

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They commissioned us to develop a blended learning solution, with on and offline games to equip new starters with core knowledge and skills. Welcome to Growth Engineering! Since its introduction, there has been nothing but positive feedback and game has now been rolled studdy across the Trust and is used in study days with all grades of staff.

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View the case studies below to learn about challenges that often occur in training developments and the online learning solutions used to solve them. Feedback from players has been great – staff tell us that the game really helps them think about how they treat patients and how they can improve patient safety. With the explosion in information technology in the last few decades, more and more people want to learn and improve on their programming skills. Box Email: One of our seasoned subject matter experts who reviewed the game indicated the game was lots of fun and would be a good tool for our reps.

Future results showed that people were more likely to get the question right. Promoting Safer Swallowing Client:

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