No case studies or anything like that. I’m interviewing for FMP tomorrow and I’m not completely sold. But, remember, you get fasttracked in back-office accounting positions. You’ll be ticking boxes and putting together Power Point charts all over the globe – but don’t think Paris New York and Melbourne: If you get the GE offer I would take it and never look back. Chimp 2 May 2, –

What I meant by perspective is that some of the unhappiness maybe just be part of being at the bottom of the totem pole and getting stuck with all the mind-numbing crap the seniors don’t wan’t to do. Thanks for all the advice guys. Senior Orangutan Oct 8, – 9: Working at xxxxx gave me invaluable experience in financial markets as well as practical know-how of derivatives. The Macro View http:

Stick it out, however, and you will meet your the goals stated above and be given more interesting tasks after proving yourself worthy. Financial Management Program is Effectively a Back Office Role Most work is extremely mind-numbing and boringand could be done by any high school student. However, it sounds as if you already have done banking in some capacity, it seems a bit circuitous to go do FMP and back to banking. Jamie Dimon made his career being an operations specialist that is where he found efficiencies and helped create Citigroup to what it became that is what he installed at JPM and made what it is.


It did take them 4 months to give me the offer on paper, but I think GE across the board is known for being a bit slower.

General Electric (GE) Cover Letter | Internship | FMP

Basically, you can expect to little to no support from your managers etc for MBA, which makes asking for recommendations and etc difficult. The interviewer, who was from HR, was very friendly and informing about the position and the FMP program in general.

I have a lot of close friends in the program and I know what the work entails. Banking trains for you analysis while FMP will train you for management. Major decision time Originally Posted: You will be fine.

Interview Typically intern for 12 weeks. Are we talking a commercial bank or an investment bank? Previous 1 proggam 3 4 Next.

I also honestly didn’t imagine how boring accounting could have been – my bad for being naive, I guess. Inside the WSO Finance networking guide, you’ll get a comprehensive, all-inclusive roadmap for maximizing your networking efforts and minimizing embarrassing blunders.

In fact, too many: That also goes for corporate strategy. Very intense first round interview. Hedge Fund Pitch for Covre.

cover letter for ge fmp program

Would you like us to review something? Do you want to be a manager or a banker? My 4 part Private Equity Recruiting Process. King Kong 1, May 2, – I left a progeam job with great people at EY to take this job at GE as it was pitched to me as a fantastic opportunity to go overseas and progress in my career. Along those lines, a quote from my biochemist friend at fjp major pharma company, “The finance department determines what drugs go to market and which ones get dumped, not the chemists.


I agree with most of the above. The process was fairly painless.

Sample cover letter for Full Time position at GE

Do they really sell true homogeneous products? It all depends what you want to do though. Interview Questions Considering that the interview was with HR, there were no technical questions. Flag this Item Cancel. In addition, pitch work to executive finance staff. The other issue is that if you focus on GE FMP, you’re limiting yourself to one firm and thus one chance, whereas if you go for IBD you can at least afford to make a few mistakes.

I don’t know too many people finance or otherwise in entry-level positions doing super-amazing things.

cover letter for ge fmp program

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