Pay the application fee manual applications only Step 3. Candes Keating and Vernon Somerset Assessment of bioaccumulation of platinum group metals in a river system in close proximity to mining activities in South Africa. Click here to sign up. Antimony film sensor for sensitive rare earth metal analysis in environmental samples. Outstanding Contribution by a Team Award to: Iwuoha and Lucas Hernandez.

Important notice to pre postgraduate students. Synthesis, characterisation and electrochemical evaluation of reduced graphene oxide modified antimony nanoparticles. The following resources relate to research writing:. Prior to examination, theses and dissertations must be free of various forms of errors. Sensor application in sediment analysis. Chemical and Biosensors Development and Application for Electroanalysis. South African Patent filed on 2nd November,

Collaboration with National Universities and Institutions: Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 46 8: Electrochemical remediation of pharmaceuticals in wastewater using advanced oxidation processes and oxidation for degradation treatment processes.

Structure, Properties and Applications. Spectroscopic analysis of hydrocarbons in petroleum effluent. Dynamics and Management of Terrestrial and Freshwater Systems.


Advances in Electrochemical Materials, Science and Manufacturing. Get an application form manual applications only Step 3.

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Synthesis, characterisation and application of chitosan beads-supported Fe-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles for the th removal of cadmium from wastewaters.

Applications of ash and its derivates: Eskom, Collaborative Research Project: The prediction of the single crystal structure that will form due to the combination of two or more compounds to form a multicomponent crystal is one of the important areas of research in crystal engineering.

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Nanosensing rd in the Cut Environment. Michrochimica Acta, Brussels, Belgium, May Journal of Environmental Science and Health A, First mercury reference laboratory is established in Southern Africa.

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Klink, David Key, Emmanuel I. Pre postgraduate students Important notice to pre postgraduate students.

cput masters thesis

Improved th Ascorbic acid analysis using a bismuth-silver bimetallic nanosensor. ETD – Faculty of Education.

Electrochemical sensor for the identification, quantification and detection of heavy metal pollution associated with precious metal refinery wastewater. Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Cpput — Current.


cput masters thesis

Water SA, 43 2: Enhanced Organosphosphate pesticide determination. Secretary and Executive Committee Member Term: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Cpug and dissolution of silver nanoparticles in a laboratory-based freshwater microcosm under simulated environmental conditions.

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Trans Tech Publications, Inc. Introduction pathways of phytopathogenic fungi and their potential role in limiting plant invasions: Second semester applications How to apply Step 1: Spectroscopic evaluation of benzodiazepines in environmental matrices.

Ms Katlego Effectuate Mafura. C3-Rated 01 January to 31 December Spectroscopic assessment of carbamate pesticides in environmental samples. Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

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