Add this document to saved. Provide the English learners with guiding questions to help them construct their narratives. You should use your time to plan, write, review, and edit your response to the assignment. How to Write a Thematic Essay. All other exams have a variety of resources to help your prepare, but Mometrix is the only organization to provide exam prep materials for the CTEL exam. Ask the English learners to draw pictures illustrating their experience instead of writing about it.

Developing and writing learning objectives. The cost to take an individual subtest varies. Test takers will get two emails after successfully signing up: Each question in the first section of this test is a multiple-choice question with four answer choices. How is this activity most likely to promote the students’ English language development? If students have access to a variety of reading materials, from periodicals to fiction and non-fiction, their personal interest in, and appreciation for, improving their reading skills is more likely to grow.

This practice is likely to be most effective in promoting English learners’ content and language development in which of the following ways?

It might be large in terms of square miles or it might be relatively small. Students watch the teacher demonstrate a simple science experiment, work with a partner to conduct the experiment themselves, and then discuss their observations in small groups.

ctel sample essay questions

Postpone lessons related to higherlevel mathematical concepts until the English learners have attained an advanced level of receptivelanguage proficiency in English. Upload document Create flashcards.

CTEL Practice Test (updated ) CTEL Exam Review

A holistic scoring system is not intended to provide individual students with explicit feedback on specific areas of writing performance or to provide them with guidance in how to improve specific aspects of their writing. Language and Language Development Sample Strong Response One very important sociopolitical factor affecting English learners’ language development is how well your school is doing at helping English learners achieve state standards in English Language Arts.


The students write what they know about the topic. Good influences are things like nice stores and nice places like parks and malls where students can hang out after school and have fun with people who are nice vtel respect them.

Sample Test Questions for CTEL 1

You may use the booklet of yellow erasable sheets to make notes, write an outline, or otherwise prepare your response. Students who have generalized the strategy are ready to learn new phonograms, while students who have not will require additional practice and reinforcement of the concept. Have the English learners reread the picture book independently and allow them to copy the text for their narratives.

On the other hand, they should praise them if they are good. Each response is scored by at least two scorers and is assigned a score based on a holistic scale.

CTEL: 1 – Constructed Response – CTEL Official Study Guide and Mometrix sample questions

Also, they can figure out and remember new vocabulary better when the context is familiar and when they can associate new words with things they already know. The score points on the holistic scoring scale reflect the extent to which the examinee quewtions the knowledge and skills included in the set of performance characteristics that have been defined as important for the assignment.

An upper-elementary teacher is choosing materials for a group of earlyintermediate-level English learners for a content-based ELD lesson on volcanoes. They should be really tough on them and punish them if they take drugs, smoke or do vandalism in the community. This should be your original work, written in your own words, and not copied or paraphrased from some other work.

Be sure to allocate your time carefully, so you are able to complete the entire test within the testing session. Which of the following activities is likely to be most effective in promoting their English language development by providing opportunities for comprehensible input and output?


A person may choose to use different variations of a language depending on the context of a discourse.

ctel sample essay questions

And they shouldn’t do drugs or smoke themselves because that would be acting as a bad role model. To raise money for the class trip.

Each question in the first section of this test is a multiple-choice question with four answer choices. However, virtually every teacher will have at least one effective strategy that they can share and this will be very empowering and motivating for them. The practice of teaching students to group or classify vocabulary and terminology according to semantic and syntactic attributes provides them with cognitive tools for comprehending and remembering new language and concepts in a variety of academic contexts.

The book and flashcards are similar to the materials used in my prep class, so I know I have more resources to prepare for this test.

Sample Test Questions for CTEL 1

The book has the key terms and definitions I need for the Exam. All of these strategies would help a student understand the word and what it means. Questiojs they pronounce it right? Association football governing bodies.

ctel sample essay questions

Assessment and Instruction 7. Upload document Create flashcards. Make lessons more accessible to English learners by having them work on mathematical concepts and skills that are below their developmental level.

The students read a gradelevel-appropriate text about the topic. Contextualized minimal pair activities, such as rhyming words eesay poems and songs, are likely to be effective for actively engaging elementary beginning-level English learners in discriminating and producing phonemes that are causing them difficulty e.

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