He frequently contributes to theoretical developments of the innate immunity field e. Rebekka presented a nice talk and a poster at this years 6th edition of the Murnau Conference on Structural Biology. Daniel joined us as a second year undergraduate, while doing his BA in biochemistry at Tuebingen University. December , Michael received an ERC consolidator grant. He continued his work on pollen tube guidance with support by JSPS

Christine joined the lab in Tuebingen as a technical assistant in When 31 Mar, from Jinsheng Zhu, postdoctoral fellow, e-mail Jinsheng studied Biology at Henan Normal University and did his master thesis at Beijing Normal University It is now becoming increasingly clear that plant PRRs are part of multimeric protein complexes at the plasma membrane, in a manner similar to the Myddosome for mammalian Toll-like receptors. She joined our laboratory in February as PhD student. In his postdoc Ben analyzed the receptor activation mechanism of different peptide-sensing membrane receptor kinases in plants Santiago, Brandt et. Kelvin Lau, postdoctoral fellow , e-mail Kelvin studied Biochemistry at the University of Waterloo , Canada

Some things take time to complete…. Zipfel From Norwich to Zurich: Julia has been one of five current EMBO fellows to be awarded an advanced postdoctoral fellowship. Satohiro has been awarded a HFSP postdoctoral fellowship.

Regulation of receptor kinase signaling during immunity and beyond | Externwebben

Thexis of our ongoing collaboration with Christian HardtkeUni Lausanne. She then started her master in Molecular Plant Science, and did her master thesis in our lab betweenfor which she was awarded a thesis price by the Fondation Arditi.


The award is named after Tsuneko and Reiji Okazaki, who in discovered an important mechanism during DNA replication.

JuneUlrich defended his Ph.

Cyril Zipfel Thesis

She joined us in spring as an ERC-funded postdoctoral fellow working on plant polyphosphate metabolism. We will not publish anonymous, defamatory, racist, sexist, otherwise prejudiced, or irrelevant comments.

Cyril Zipfel, expert on the immune systems of plants. She then did her master thesis in Jaime F.

cyril zipfel thesis

Laura Lorenzo-Orts is a new graduate student in our lab. As in animals, the first layer of plant innate immune recognition relies on htesis perception of pathogen-associated molecular patterns by pattern recognition receptors PRRs.

He joined us in Geneva in March Julia is now a tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Lausanne.

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A fun collaboration with Christian HardtkeUni Lausanne. Info [Frontier Leaders] Dissection and use of plant receptor kinase-mediated innate immunity Filed under: Elsa Obergfell, master studente-mail Elsa studied Biology at the University of Geneva The year-old professor walks across the still empty labs and explains what he and his group of about 20 researchers plan on investigating over the next few years.

He joined our lab in Geneva in May In my presentation, I will present our recent work that shed light on the molecular mechanisms that control the activation of plant PRR complexes and of downstream cell-autonomous immune responses.


There, he worked on the auxin-actin regulatory loop Julia will soon start her own lab. Elsa studied Biology at the University of Geneva In addition, his work has created opportunities for PRR-based immunity to improve disease resistance in crops Nature Biotech.

His work is focused on understanding the molecular basis of plant innate immunity mediated by surface-localized immune receptors. Michael has been nominated EMBO young investigator Fyril has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from EMBO. He frequently contributes to theoretical developments of the innate immunity field e.

cyril zipfel thesis

In plants, all known PRRs are cell surface ligand-binding receptor kinases or receptor-like proteins which unlike receptor kinases lack an intracellular kinase domain; hence, requiring heteromeric complex formation with accessory receptor kinases.

Kelvin is a new postdoc in our lab from Canada. But Cyril Zipfel, who grew up in Alsace, has been researching these processes for the past 17 years. He continued his work on pollen tube guidance with support by JSPS Florian Laurent, master student, e-mailFlorian completed his BSc in Biology at the University of Burgundy, Dijon Francewith a major in biochemistry and molecular biology in

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