On Wednesday, Dalhousie announced the licensing of intellectual property developed by MacDonald, his supervisor Dr. For more than 35 years, Dr. I think that this is a representation of pride, resilience and presence. Charlebois, who previously led the project out of the University of Guelph. As a student senator on the Dalhousie Senate and as a page in the Nova Scotia legislature for two years, Sarah gained appreciation for some of the day-to-day tasks that go into governance and policy-making. First-year students Sandra Sunil and Ilne Barnard saw the event as an opportunity to get to know their new home.

Another key piece of Open Access is preserving research data. Convocation ceremonies are built on age-old rituals, from formal academic processions to the wearing of gowns and hoods. Duffy seeing potential in me and cultivating that research interest, and then Dr. Then, last December, she continued her campaign by running seven consecutive marathons, all the way from St. This should be a message to all Canadians that nursing education is about more than producing professionals for the health care workforce.

When she graduates, Brianna will have the opportunity to receive more than a diploma.

Ungar and his coalition hope to mobilize and share to ensure better outcomes for the thousands of vulnerable children and youth both at home and abroad. Unlocking the potential of renewable energy is essential to a sustainable, prosperous future for our planet. Inside the 10, sq. She pointed to the positive changes that have been made in diversity and inclusiveness generally compared to when she was a student.

We advance internationally renowned research like that of professor and lithium-ion battery expert Jeff Dahn. However, many open access journals adhere to the same strict review process as more traditional journals.

Holly and Hartley have worked hard over the course of the past year to develop their own mealworm flour under the name 3MEALS. The building and the ideaHUB space are both set to open in Explore Year in Review for more collaborative success stories. We celebrate the determination, compassion and talent that made Maike a Rhodes Licwnse — as we celebrate all of the students who make a difference licnse the world every day.


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Explore Year in Review for more student success stories. Bernard, who is an elder in the East Preston United Baptist church. We find new ways to celebrate diversity in our community, supporting new academic programs, ceremonies and recognitions.

dalhousie thesis license agreement

They are responsible for the tremendous dallhousie chemistry on this team and the success that we have enjoyed the past three years. While Syrian refugees have entered into Canada and Germany in different ways, challenges related to language acquisition, trauma, and family issues such as unemployment raise the risk of social marginalization in both countries.

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Bernard has taught and conducted research in the area of anti-oppression and diversity at Dalhousie sinceserved as director of the School of Social Work from and took on the role of special advisor, diversity and inclusiveness earlier this year. The governments and funding agencies have recognized the importance of it and stepped forward to partner with their funds and personnel. Fifth-year co-captains Kashrell Lawrence and Ritchie Kanza Mata led the way on both ends of the court and were acknowledged for their efforts with AUS first team all-star selections.

Ryan McNutt – December 6, Kilfoil, describing the participation of agreemet NNCE in business model competitions and accelerators. If you are using Creative Commons material, it is important that your use follows any conditions that govern the use of the material.

The camp opened her eyes to the possibility of a career in the health professions and, with its exploration of traditional Indigenous medicine, inspired both a vision of her future and a connection to her past. It was at Dalhousie, though, where Dr. In the works for several years now, the IDEA Project — which stands for “Innovation and Design in Engineering and Architecture” — will support rising enrolments, new design-centric curricula and enhanced opportunities for teamwork.


This spring, Dalhousie has added two new traditions to the mix tyesis offer special recognition for graduates of Indigenous and African descent, helping create a more meaningful, inclusive ceremony. This should be in writing you can adapt the above Copyright Release Request Letterand maintain records of all correspondence.

There, they were nominated to compete at the Agresment Business Model Competition in Seattle, Washington this past weekend. Open Access agteement may be discipline-based or institution-based.

dalhousie thesis license agreement

Charlebois says now that the report is established at Dalhousie, he may look to expand its authorship even further next year, possibly to experts at other universities. Bernard credits the support of her family, her community and the people who encouraged her to apply. Daalhousie Subject Liaison Librarian can also offer advice.

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It’s a long way from Halifax and even farther from her hometown of Fajara in the The Gambia in western Africa. Dalhousie has now had 90 Rhodes Scholars over its history. Plus it opened my eyes to the business potentials that can be found throughout our campus, such as insects as a food product.

He credits his professors for providing the guidance and support that have helped him achieve his academic goals. He is teaching and training future generations of scientists — some of whom, like former student and Novonix founder Chris Burns, have already begun to help map out the path to a more sustainable future.

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