The amendment power is itself a power granted to a constitutional organ by the constitution: In the Dahlab case discussed above, the ECtHR held that a ban on wearing the Islamic veil in a primary school was justified in order to guarantee religious neutrality in the classroom. It is primary not only because it is the initial action, but also because it is principal in its relations with the amendment power. Furthermore, it is the basic proposition of this article that the amendment power, though an extraordinary one, is not sovereign. The State shall have the obligation to ensure that this equality exists in practice.

A constitution has an inner unity, and the meaning of any one part is linked to that of other provisions. The concept of constituent power emerged almost simultaneously in France and North-America. Certain principles, a constitutionalist would claim, should be above democratic decision-making. Therefore, constitutionalists would generally approve of unamendability. It is aggravated when the constitution contains certain unamendable provisions. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Minister for Home Affairs, 2 M.

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Sign In or Create an Account. Article 1 explicitly empowers the Constitutional Court to review the constitutionality of constitutional amendments. This article argues that clarifying the main concept — the constitutional amendment power, its nature, and its scope — is the first step for undoing this apparent paradox.

A lock cannot prevent housebreaking by a decisive burglar equipped with effective burglary tools. Recent Post by Page. While it is true that the mere possibility of abuse should not be the test to the mere existence of a power, it is unclear why it should not be a test for its scope, especially if ignoring limitations may bring to absurd results and subvert the entire notion of constitutionalism.


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Moreover, as Gary Jacobsohn correctly notes, this limited jurisdiction is in contrast with the judicial review authority over ordinary legislation; the Court is explicitly granted the competence to evaluate both the form and substance of legislation. Nevertheless, one has to consider the following claims: But it also necessitates a constiyuant for determining if the amending authority surpassed its limits.

Thomas Cooley wrote that the U. What are the legal implications of a conflict between a new constitutional amendment and an unamendable provision, according to the delegation theory? Sahin argued on the basis of her right as an adult to dress as she wished and insisted that the headscarf was compatible with the principle of secularism as guaranteed by the Turkish Constitution.

Attaching considerable significance to the impact that the headscarf might have on those choosing not to wear it, the ECtHR ruled that the relevant dress restrictions were proportionate to the legitimate aims of upholding public order and protecting the rights and freedoms of others. Frierson, Amending the Constitution of the United States: Section III explores the question of whether international law or regional law imposes limitations on the national constitutional amendment powers, from a theoretical and comparative perspective.

Arguably, by invalidating a constitutional amendment, properly enacted according to constitutional procedures, the court no longer guards the constitution but acts contrary to its provisions.

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The State of Israel, 57 5 PD Tulis and Stephen Macedo eds. All of these issues must be borne in mind dissertatiln thinking about the broad authority with which the Turkish Constitutional Court has empowered itself.


Pillsbury, The War Amendment, N. The Secondary Constituent Power 15 1. As discussed above, the Constitutional Court held that the amendments to articles 10 and 42 of the Constitution are contrary to the principle of secularism and, because they indirectly dissertationn the basic characteristics of the republic, they are contrary to the prohibition to amend and propose as stated in article 4 of the Constitution and thus should be annulled.

As a trustee, it possesses only fiduciary power; hence, it must ipso facto be intrinsically limited by nature. See Maia, supra noteat A Metaphor-morphosis, 37 J. For a comprehensive analysis of the doctrine see S Krishnaswamy, Democracy and Diswertation in India: As has been argued in this article, natural law theory seems inadequate to function as a limitation to constitutional amendments.

Ultimately, it would be subject to the highest hierarchical normative national norm—the constitution. fissertation

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These types of provisions are not unique phenomena. This is traditional positivist approach as expressed by Origonaire Kelsen, who does not tackle the question of the constituent power, but rather claims that the question of the basic norm or obedience to the historically first constitution is assumed or presupposed as a hypothesis in juristic thinking. Cours de droit sous licence CC: Quoted in Leyla Sahin v.

dissertation pouvoir constituant originaire et dérivé

Marshall, The Limits of Secularism: His metaphor is astoundingly clear: Constitution are better viewed as amendments.

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