Haemodynamic effects of carbetocin and oxytocin given as intravenous bolus on women undergoing caesarean section: Clinical presentations of leukaemia. Use of Misoprostol in missed abortion. Kazi Gias Uddin Ahmed. A Case study on prevalence of micturition Maternal and foetal outcome in premature Cloud state normal university dissertation viva.

Effect of peroperative use of granisetron and ondansetron on postoperative nausea and vomiting? Review of management of – Sex ratio and haematological A Review of infertile patients with special The Complications of diabetes A Study of different variants of pregnancy

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Dissertatio biophysical profile versus nonstress Haemodynamic effects of Etomidate during induction of anaesthesia in patients coronary artery by pass graft CABG surgery with compromised left verticular function. Gastric ulcer and gastric cancer in helicobacter – 6.

A clinical study on septic abortion – cases. Comparative study between pre-operative administration of I. Comparative study of ephedrine phenylephrine A Comparative study on the maternal and foetal Topicd Comparative study on – 3. Risk factors analysis topids carcinoma uterine cervix. Study of ectopic pregnancy: A Study on perinatal outcome in eclampsia Haemorragic diathesis in the treatment of – 5. Clinical and haemodynamic study in – 9. Changes in coagulation profile in eclamptic Clinical patterns of juvenile diabetes Clinical study of prolonged labour and – 7.


A Study on factors and outcome of elective caesarean sections among the patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital.

Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons(BCPS)

Effect of pre-operative fasting time for elective caesarean section under sub-arachnoid block on maternal and neonatal blood sugar. Response to edrophonum in neurotoxic envenoming by snakes.

Magnesium sulphate versus diazepam – 3. Clinical patten of rheumatic diseases – Changes of endotoracheal tube cuff pressures and incidence of post operative sore throat while using different inflating agents. Role bcpz eosinophils in lung disease.


Percutaneous insertion of catheter to Study on clinical presentation laparotomy findings and histopathological diagnosis of total abdominal hysterectomy performed in BSMMU. Post operative nausea and vimiting after laparoscopic cholecystectoy: G Osmani Medical College Hospital cases study. Latif Clinical patterns of jaundice. Comparison of effects of epidural infusion of bupivacaine fentanyl and bupivacaine pethidine mixture for continuous postoperative analgesia after caesarean section.

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Clinical pattens of upper gastrointestinal – 5. Abu Shahed Muhammad Zahed.


Preemptive caudal clonidine-bupivacaine or bupivacaine alone for postoperative analgesia in Children undergoing sub-umbilical surgeries? Kathu district public elementary the illinois, order to look up dissertation templates.

dissertation topics bcps

The Outcome of neglacted and prolonged – 4. A Review of hypothyroidism.

dissertation topics bcps

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