Include descriptions annotations for each of the jointing method, and show which method you have chosen. Thank you very much for answering my emails! Now you have your Design Brief. Contents updated 5 July Finally, developing Shape and Form is all about altering the shape, the lines, the overall proportion repeatedly until you find the right balance and feel. However if my posts did helped you, I would love to receive a note from you.

Recently I had been dealing with this particular question a lot: All information posted in this blog are original unless otherwise stated and remains valid for as long as I have not yet thought of a better way to present them. Is it a good problem to solve? Sec 2NA, Sec 3E, attempting ‘N’ or ‘O’ Level when emailing for enquiries or when requesting for coursework consultations through email. But this does not mean you do this right after a mind map. We made a quick list on what animals a child might like and found several animal and animal storage references from the internet.

d&t coursework examples

Learn how to apportion time for different subject within the ‘free time’ after school. Another one on the right more organic in nature. Now cursework identified and recorded a problem, what do you wish to see after that.

Is it a good problem to solve? I like the clean look compared with the more organic look. Draw the updated developed product with it’s latest features.

D&t coursework examples

It takes some time for students to get used to this and as a result it is common for some students to not to do so well in the beginning. The information was very helpful, have show it to my son, I think like what you suggested, he still have to follow the instructions from the school.


I must consider how many eggs to store in this new carrier design Design Considerations, Functions. Students are strongly encouraged to apply the principles in their design journey with discretion.

Design Journal SOS

Set for yourself ‘ Measurable ‘ goal s so you can ‘ check ‘ for yourself if you have arrived at your objectives. How often does one buy a new TV?

You have a request? Use the list of Design Specifications to generate ideas at the Ideation stage. This is to get students to understand that product solutions we see and experience daily in this time of the century are all innovations of some sort.

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However subjected to my availability and not expecting quick responses. Jointing methods for Box Carcase. Before I can specify in my Design Specifications that ‘ The product must store 12 eggs ‘ I must have the following researched: Who’s going to buy a gadget to move new TV? Maybe a quick survey from your friends to see if they think it is a good problem to solve.

Thank you very much for answering my emails! That means more ‘boxy’.


Notice if you search ‘Cracking’ you don’t gain much because ‘cracking’ is an action. Recently I had been dealing with this particular question a lot: You wish to feedback or give suggestions? Unless they are a solid material product like a brick or a paper weight.

If you are developing jointing methods for the box carcase, under the main heading add a sub-heading: References could be obtained easily to be shape-borrowed but not all images are made equal, i.

d&t coursework examples

You may or may not modify the Shape and Form. Do not expect to find anything complete here. You need not agree.

I picked a Specification point that says the product must resemble an animal that a child would like. Here you write a statement how you would like the problem to be resolved This looks like a Design Brief. Two new students joined in today.

You will need to transform that ideal shape and form into one made of wood, metal or plastic. But thanks to the advice you have given me, i coild actually start my coursework examppes that i was in the right path.

d&t coursework examples

No matter what the theme will be.

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