I have heard carrom described as ‘finger pool’ because it is similar to playing a game of pool, but on a much smaller scale. I want a free account. In fact, this is one of those few board games where doubles is allowed. Another great thing about playing carrom is that it is fun for all age ranges. Login username password forgot password?

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What is Carrom?

I have heard carrom described as ‘finger pool’ because it is similar to playing a game of pool, but on a much smaller scale. Your turn to shoot continues as long as you keep sinking your pieces. The board favoyrite a rectangular line around the perimeter, which is the base line from which players make their shots. There are many games but it is my one fssay the favorite indoor game. Learn more with Brainly!


The aim of the game is to pot pocket one’s nine carrom men and the Queen before your opponent. I want a free account. I think there are many advantages to playing carrom. Niki Foster Last Modified Date: By using our site, you consent to our Cookies Policy.

Carrom board very interested and 3d my favorite game try it. Essay my favourite game carrom board Your hypothesis is really a statement you believe in on and on to shield.

Essay my favourite game carrom board 2017

I always take advantage of those sites that offer free shipping. Write my essay english for class 1 game carrom board. It is a fascinating game. One of our editors will fxvourite your suggestion and make changes if warranted.

In other words, they must market your personality. Carrom is my favourite game and it is one of the world’s favorite indoor board games.

essay on my favourite game carrom board

My kids love it because it is so portable. Widely played ccarrom the Indian subcontinent, Carrom requires a good sense of angles and superlative precision and concentration. Login username password forgot password?

Carrom A Board Game

There are a few basic guidelines to remember when playing carrom. Please enter the code: My kids love playing this with their grandparents, and everybody has a good time. Underneath the class of Savings, for example, it’s likely you have the lesser types of Ad Expenditure, Campaign Contributions and Fundraising. Funny Probably the most interesting persuasive essay topics will always make use of someone who has English as a first language and is able to convey their ideas as articulately as you possibly can.


essay on my favourite game carrom board

A carrom set contains 19 pieces in three distinct colours. Fine grained powder is used on the board to enable the pieces to slide easily. The usual colours are white and black for the players and red for the Queen. By way of example, my book Get In Touch With Your Inner Rodent is a parody of selfhelp books and favoyrite depend on advice that is only the the complete opposite of any situation that could be useful.

It is played with rackets and a shuttle-cock.

essay on my favourite game carrom board

You can describe a storys theme, setting, characters, and an index of the narrative. There are many more rules and laws to carrom, as adopted by the International Carrom Federation.

How do I Play Quoits? It takes quite a while for kids to be tall carrlm to play pool and even longer for their hand and eye coordination to work very well.

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