This page was last edited on 23 April , at In , when he was training at the Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, for promotion to the post of sub-inspector, other trainees recall that he allegedly got involved in a scandal with a woman employee in the principal’s office. On 26 June, it was reported Pakistan “would consider” allowing an Indian investigation team to visit Pakistan to assist with investigations. Loud explosion heard from inside the air base. It was reported that the National Security Guard NSG contingent — specifically trained to deal with hostage situations — could not be moved from their base in Delhi to Mumbai until a day later because no air transport was available. I appreciate our armed forces and thank them for foiling our enemy’s attempt.

Specific and actionable information regarding Pathankot attack has been provided to Pakistan, says PMO. On the night of 31 December , four men hijacked a multi-utility vehicle belonging to Salwinder Singh, a superintendent of the Punjab Police , in Dinanagar. Indian officials agreed a special team from Pakistan could travel to India to assist with the investigation. There was failure, initially, to link the crisis with and earlier incident involving a senior Punjab state police officer, which may have been linked to a cross-border smuggling racket. However, the quality of their output is patchy and still lacks regular and institutionalized engagement between governmental decision-making personnel and academic institutions.

Indian defense Minister Manohar Parrikar said there are indications that some of the materials used were made in Pakistan. The mandate of the NIA probe will include entry of the militants into India, killing of a taxi driver Ikagar Singh, kidnapping oathankot Superintendent of Police-rank officer of Punjab Police, who was later released and entry into the IAF campus.

These inadequacies include a preference for ad hoc responses, poor media management, and limited coordination and communication among actors both within and outside pthankot the central government.

This article is primarily aimed at establishing a link between the terror attacks in Punjab and the drug smuggling rampant in the state.

Puzzling delays, squandered chances and then gunshots”. The terrorist attack against Mumbai on Nov.

essay on pathankot terror attack

This cannot be a onetime exercise but instead requires constant review as circumstances change. The committee found that despite several advance warnings before the attack, no effective measures had been taken to act upon the intelligence. This was visible both in the failure to harden the security perimeter around the base and in the ad hoc and uncoordinated response to the attack.


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He would offer to protect them in case they needed assistance and also offered to help them retain their positions in the SSP’s office. Some agencies involved in the rescue operations appeared more interested in getting their five minutes of fame on television than in carrying out their duties professionally.

Oxford University Press, ; Seth G. Despite its proximity to the Line of Control, this key Air Force base obviously had gaps in its security perimeter that allowed the armed terrorists, probably six in number, to enter the base undetected and hide for several hours before launching their murderous attack.

Second, the fact that they could easily gain access into an airbase with such a large amount of ammunition makes one wonder if terrorists are bribing their way through the state. The transmitter, carried by the four terrorists who kidnapped the SP to use his vehicle to reach Pathankot, was left by mistake in the SP’s car when they disembarked from the vehicle in the wee hours of January 1.

essay on pathankot terror attack

To date, the army has continued to engage in counterinsurgency duties, particularly when there are major incidents. Second, the state and district authorities where the families of the hostages resided were advised to discourage TV crews from contacting the families to avoid communicating any untoward and negative signals to the hostage takers.

The reports of the task force were submitted to the GOM on Sept. At least one of the activists was arrested by police. These forces would also develop improved infrastructure, surveillance and interdiction capabilities, and local intelligence.

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How was this hostage crisis dealt with? Before the window shuts again.

Pakistan sets up JIT to probe Pathankot terrorist attack. Why no detailed combing of the region donedespite several military, BSF and Punjab police units available close by?


Press statements are made only by designated press spokesmen both at the central and state level and the CMG usually collectively decides the content of such statements. Crisis Management System in the Indian State The Indian state has a well-established crisis management system both at the central and state levels.

However, all other trainees had to bear the brunt of his actions,” a fellow trainee said While that may well be true, and all credit to the security forces on the ground, the entire handling of the operation smacks of total lack of clarity and control, pahhankot from the CCS and down to the various security agencies that were involved.

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Retrieved 7 January In the Mumbai case, this may have been because the national security advisor took on the crisis management role but without recourse to the institutional resources available to the state or because the CMG, when it met apparently a day later, preferred a devolution of responsibility for managing the crisis elsewhere.

In the aftermath of the crisis management failures in Mumbai and in Pathankot, the government avoided objective and public evaluation into reasons for tfrror mismanagement. This has become even more important in the emerging world of Facebook and Twitter.

However, despite the delay attck began to pay off. Two terrorists still holed up in IAF base in Pathankot, operation still on: The importance of having such drills — meant to be regularly updated to reflect recent events, developments in technology, and experiences in other countries — is that most operational issues do not require ad hoc decisions when an emergency arises. Subscribe to Blog via Email Subscribe ahtack MyIndia and get access to all the latest happenings around the India with a single click.

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