Archived from the original PDF on 26 August All With videos With photo gallery. The forest of the Sundarbans is located in the world’s largest delta, which is formed by three rivers named Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna. The WWF is run at a local level by the following offices During each monsoon season almost all the Bengal Delta is submerged, much of it for half a year. Besides tiger, the reserve has fishing cat, spotted deer, rhesus monkey, and wild pigs.

Protected forests of Bangladesh. The Bengali name Sundarban means “beautiful forest. The first management plan was written for the period — Wilderness science in a time of change conference, Volume 2: One of a kind, Bhagbatpur Crocodile Project is a crocodile breeding farm located in the Bhagbatpur area of the Sundarbans. It is also home to a variety of bird, reptile and invertebrate species, including the salt-water crocodile. Each range is further sub-divided into beats.

Considerable research has been conducted on the Sundarbans wildlife and ecosystem. Seven main rivers and innumerable watercourses form a network of channels at this estuarine delta.

The first Forest Management Division to have jurisdiction over the Sundarbans was established in November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Protection and management requirements The property is composed of three wildlife sanctuaries and has a history of effective national legal protection for its land, forest and aquatic environment since the early 19th century.

About Sundarbans

Kolkata is about km from Sundarbans. Nypa palm Nypa fruticans is widespread along drainage lines. The remaining forests, taken together with the Sundarbans mangroves, are important habitat for the endangered sundarnan. The Sundarbans area is one of the most densely populated in the world, and the population is increasing. On 4 May it was declared a National Park. It is one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger.


essay on sundarban national park

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. The Second most famous watchtower in the Sundarbans Park after the Sudhanyakhali, the Sajnekhali watchtower strategically placed on the Sajnekhali Island to view a large part of the forest.

House in Sundarbans with a pond and rice fields, By Road You can reach Sundarbans by road also. It is further divided into fifty-five compartments and nine blocks.

The Sundarbans is intersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats and small islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests. Important ecosystem services include nursery function 5.

The Sundarbans

The fertile soils of the delta have been subject to intensive human use for centuries, and the ecoregion has been mostly converted to intensive agriculture, with few enclaves of forest remaining. People, Politics and Environment in the SundarbansRoutledge: Constituencies Speaker Local government: Meer dan de helft van dit gebied bevindt zich nationaal India, de rest in Bangladesh.

The site is intersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats and small islands ssundarban salt-tolerant mangrove forests, and presents an excellent example of ongoing ecological processes. Great Himalayan Pin Valley Khirganga.

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The delta is densely covered by mangrove forests, and is one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger. National parks of India.


essay on sundarban national park

Ministry of Environment and Forest. It had doubled from 3.

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Loss of the mangrove forest will result in the loss of the protective biological shield against cyclones and tsunamis. Historically vegetation types have been recognised in broad correlation with varying degrees of water salinity, freshwater flushing and physiography. There are a number of mudflats outside the Sundarbans National Park is a mudflat that have the potential to be tourist spots in the Sundarbans.

There is much more wildlife there than just the endangered Bengal tiger Panthera tigris tigris. The Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary which is situated on a land between the Peechkali and Gomati Rivers, and the only place in the Sundarbans forest to take a walk.

essay on sundarban national park

Systematic management of this forest tract started in the s after the establishment of a Forest Department in the Province of Bengalin British India. The Sundarbans is the largest forested nationa in the world, as the largest mangrove forest in the coastal environment. Autonomous administrative divisions Cities Districts Municipalities States and territories.

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