A client with myasthenia gravis becomes increasingly weak. Which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of the teaching? A client who is taking clopidogrel Plavix to prevent another stroke asks the nurse how the medication works. Assist the client with heat application and ROM exercises. The laboratory and diagnostic test results are normal findings.

A nurse is planning acre for a client who has a sealed radiation implant for cervical cancer. Which statement, if made by the client, reflects the need for further teaching? Contact the primary care provider to clarify the prescription. Because the client is still growing, improper nutrition may affect normal growth. Metformin increases hepatic glucose production to prevent hypoglycemia associated with repaglinide. Specific client teaching points include taking one pill a day, not stopping the medication without consulting the health care provider HCP , and monitoring for side effects and adverse reactions. Which statement, if made by the client, indicates that further teaching is necessary?

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Bed rest will lead to weakness and other complications of immobility. Symptoms include tinnitus, dizziness, hyperpnea, and psychological disturbances. You will find hot spots to select in the artwork below. Needles should not be recapped, bent, broken, or cut after use. This test involves injection of a radioisotope to outline the blood vessels in the lungs, followed by inhalation of a radioisotope gas.


Infection related to obstetrical trauma. They are frequently used in the care of clients with heart attacks.

evolve case study cervical cancer quizlet

Each of the other methods described is acceptable. Antihypertensives do not commonly cause problems with decreased clotting. Aspirate the tube 2. Because the cancer is in situ, the origin is the cervix. Increase fluid intake to avoid dehydration caused by the drug. When the client is receiving this drug, the results should be 1.

Narcolepsy Narcolepsy can occur suddenly during the daytime hours when a person is involved in any type of activity. The nurse evaluates the need for further teaching when the client states which of the following?

Dry mouth is a common side effect of tricyclic antidepressants. Identifying the process for disciplinary action if standards of care are not met Rationale: Adverse effects include headache, dizziness, fatigue, orthostatic hypotension, tachycardia, and angioedema.

Oral contraceptives increase clotting risk. This medication decreases the rate and force of cardiac contraction. Break the needle 2. The client needs to take the medication at the same time every day and should qyizlet instructed not to stop the medication.


Pulmonary embolism is another use for these drugs, as thrombolytics will dissolve any clots in the lungs. Complaints of a headache, abdominal pain, and lethargy. Flush the tube with warm water 3. A client who quizlef emphysema is receiving mechanical ventilation.

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Assume an experienced NAP, and base your decision on patient condition. The nurse is planning to test the function of the trigeminal nerve cranial nerve V.

evolve case study cervical cancer quizlet

A nurse reinforces medication instructions to a client who is taking levothyroxine Synthroid. Informal teaching is individualized one on …. Thrombolytics are prescribed for each of the following clients. Excoriation is a loss of the superficial layers of the skin caused by the digestive enzymes in feces.

Unless the client’s potassium level is dangerously low, this medication is not usually prescribed. The bibasilar breath sounds are decreased. Arrange the following choices in the correct order for completing this task.

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