The minimum coincides with the start of a cycle. The numbers involved are so complex that liberties are often taken to keep things looking smooth. This line is the ecliptic. Thus, you should expect some questions about sundials in the exam. The Sun is a star, but close up. What exactly are sunspots? Timing the disappearance and reappearance of all sunspots reveals a complex rotational pattern.

Earth is the third planet from the Sun, at an average distance of 93 million miles million kilometres. And what is its cause? In , the NASA space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds into its flight, claiming the lives of all seven crew members, including one school teacher — Christa McAuliffe, winner of a competition, whose prize was to become the first teacher in space. Our coursework was about ‘The History of Medicine’. An active galaxy is powered by matter falling into a supermassive black hole located at its centre. However, the video refers to miles per second rather than kilometres. Surely this is a wind up.

So fast, in fact, that they cannot resist slamming together to form entirely new atoms. Below gcxe can see the nucleus of Comet 67P a giant ball of ice and dust from 10 kilometres away.

They emit mainly X-rays and infrared rays. As you can see, Mrs Hodges suffered a very nasty bruise, but survived.

That may seem a vast distance and it is! It also explains how galactic red-shifts are linked to the Doppler Effect.


gcse astronomy coursework sundial

This graph is a simplified depiction. To watch The StarsClick Here. I’ll PM you if I need more help later on.

Astronomy Gcse Coursework Guide – GCSE astronomy coursework

If the thought of rocks falling from the sky worries you… relax. News and lifestyle forums. They are among the most distant objects in the Universe.

How do the lunar seas maria differ from the highlands terrae? Below is a composite image of the Sun courseworrk ordinary visible light rightand in sizzling H-alpha left. The most popular is the giant impact hypothesis.

Astronomy girls at my school who astronomy it last year didn’t really talked to us about it and the collection we have is not particularly gcse with most of the projects we have available.

Report Thread starter 7 years ago 1. As discussed in lesson one, Rayleigh scattering causes the sky to appear blue in colour during the day, preventing stars and other celestial objects being seen. It also explains what the Hertzsprung-Russell H-R diagram is. You might also like I’m back at school on wed so I’ll ask the others in my class and my teacher, although I’ll probably have less trouble the second I get back and have guide do some serious work again.

gcse astronomy coursework sundial

Edwin Hubble was the first astronomer to realise that the Universe is expanding. Note that short-period comets originate here.

GCSE astronomy coursework – guide to observing the night sky and observing log collection

What formula relates change in wavelength to radial velocity? In particular, they proved to us that Earth does not lie at the centre of the Solar System nor indeed the Universe. Subject s Science, Physics Tags n. Not bad for a simple experiment with sticks, conducted over years ago!


How is gravity responsible for maintaining orbits? It said something astonishing. Beyond our Solar System, distances are so vast that the AU becomes meaningless. Our coursework was about ‘The History of Medicine’.

gcse astronomy coursework shadow stick

A rock was found at the scene and later confirmed to be a meteorite. What I did for my coursework is drew the moon at new moon, crescent moon, half moon, three quarter moon and full moon, then three quarter moon, half moon and crescent moon from astronmoy big detailed picture on the net. Then I added about 12 pages of typed up work and diagrams explaining why astronomy see the moon change through different phases and why it had its surface features such cojrsework craters.

Report 7 years log 5. Is it pure coincidence? What were the contributions of Copernicus, Tycho, Kepler and Galileo?

gcse astronomy coursework sundial

In some cases, their brightness is known to vary dramatically within a hour period.

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