Britain and the United States Surrey: Pin It on Pinterest. The author laments that the U. Further, had Ike been a Democrat, the public probably would have viewed him as being soft on communism. This site uses cookies. Smil points out that perceptions in the West as well as within Russia and China themselves, ran counter to projections of how economies would develop in the Communist world.

As defense spending increases, this reduces the investments in economic growth, which eventually, leads to the downward spiral of slower growth, heavier taxes, deepening domestic splits over spending priorities, and weakening capacity to bear the burdens of defense. American hegemony and the historiography of empires in decline. Cambridge University Press, , pp. Kennedy’s overstretch thesis, in detail, is as follows: Cornell University Press, Ask yourself, in Paul Kennedy-like fashion, the following: Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Hannes Adomeit has also written about this concept, as is apparent in his similarly titled work, Imperial Overstretch: Thus, a new historiography will likely come into view that overtsretch the current shift in global power, in which the U.

A brief historiography of imperial overstretch and its relationship to American hegemony

American Grand Strategy from to the Present Ithaca: There, they state the United States is currently involved in five simultaneous wars: We need to end the conventional war and bring the troops home now and re-engage only on commando terms. This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standardsas Should be written about imperial overstretch throughout history rather than one book about possible American imperial overstretch.


Those who do not see the United States as threatened by imperial overstretch argue that several wars and far reaching military presence can be financially supported and are key to long term security.

Or will nature disrupt America’s new world order? And now, ooverstretch recently, social unrest has started to surface in the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. Arrighi and Silver note that the conclusion of U.

The Danger of Imperial Overstretch

Might the whole idea of America eventually be challenged and destroyed by some charismatic new faith: Harvard’s Kennedy was not the first to warn about the dangers of excessive defense spending. The problem with this approach is that these histories are open to criticism that they are too vague, and are subject to a kind of historical shorthand that misses the nuances of large dynamic shifts. This article about a political term is a stub. Jason Weixelbaum Publications and Research.

Imperial overstretch – Wikipedia

Along with increased funding for education and basic research, schools need to be rebuilt, as do many hospitals. Cornell University Press,pp. The lack of developed societal institutions, the culture and the terrain essentially mean there isn’t an ‘Afghanistan’ in a national sense. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Norsk Edit links.

imperial overstretch thesis definition

I am happy to have finally discovered definotion critical of applying Alex Tocquville. Bush and the Hubris of Empire Canada: Ask yourself, in Paul Kennedy-like fashion, the following:. The United States has been fighting the Afghanistan War for more than 10 years.


Eisenhower, a five-star U. What’s more, underscoring — the United States did not have the money to overspend on defense during this period — it extended the militarily far beyond the nation’s ability to rationally support those adventures.

But that, in fact, is what’s happening in the United States — and what will continue to happen, if the U. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: American hegemony and the historiography of empires in decline The idea of imperial overstretch is not new to modern history.

The Peace of Illusions: Health care services must be expanded.

The Danger of Imperial Overstretch | Foreign Policy Journal

Because of this policy, Impsrial contends that the U. However, unfortunately in the decades that followed the United States did not have an as knowledgeable and formidable defense public policy professional as Eisenhower, and as a result the U. He has over 10 years of experience at sea enforcing immigration, counter-narcotics, and environmental protection laws.

imperial overstretch thesis definition

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