I don’t know when that is, so I’m just gonna show up around midnight and hang out. You don’t have to brag about it. She got really drunk and threw up on herself. I could only hope that was true for Valerie. Jenna then goes on a triple date with the Julies and college boys.

Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? Do you think I have a good voice for sales? They might take hostages. Matty almost tells Jake about going with Jenna, but chickens out, and later asks Jenna if it would be okay if they skip the Formal because he doesn’t want to hurt Jake, but he doesn’t tell Jenna that. Previously on Awkward Matty, this is my friend Bailey.

Jake dumps Tamara for being too controlling. I know what you did, and it means a lot to me. The rumors aren’t true. And you’re one of mine. Sssay didn’t want your dad to find it. Jenna and Luke fight over an article Jenna wrote for Ideabin which elaborated on their relationship that got Lizzie angry because Luke hasn’t been honest with her. Retrieved September 2, Jenna’s parents finds out that she and Matty are sexually active and insist on esssay Matty’s parents.

Meanwhile, Jake insists on picking out his own tux and Ming struggled to tell Fred that she is not ready for sex.

Jenna further alienates herself from her friends, as well as her parents. Sadie playing the character Jenny Jenny is blogging and Val cuts it because it seems extremely boring.


She wants to borrow his students jjennas use for her video to submit for a video competition. I had never seen Matty so anxious. I’m sorry I told you to go fuck yourself.

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Sadie discovers that Eva’s real name is Amber, she’s been home-schooled since she was kicked out of school when she was nine for stabbing another kid with a pencil, and her room in a home that’s not even in the right district for Palos Hills High is decorated with creepy, stalker bulletin boards of all of Jenna and Matty’s friends.

The rest of the day does not go very well for Jenna, but at the exact time of her birth, Matty knocks on her door to reveal that he wants to be more than friends and the episode ends with them making out. Oh, you sure you wanna jfnnas it up like that?

jennas essay about val

I had no right fantasizing about a stupid dance when Val was putting her life on the line to keep reprobates in cheap spirits and rolling papers. Matty doesn’t actually ask Jenna to the dance, but does ask her what color dress she will be wearing.

She chooses Matty then Jake and Tamara make-out. Which I thought was French for “fancy brunch” but actually means “sudden overthrow, often violent. He is seen clearing her office implying that her indefinite suspension meant she was fired. More for Killer7 PS2: The Palos Hills High seniors are going on their annual ski trip.


I can’t get you out of the dress. I’m going to prom. The two exchanged vows underneath a chuppah decorated with Tibet roses, ranunculus, astilbe, lisianthus, garden roses and peonies all in whites and ivories, People reported. I never asked you to get my job back.

jennas essay about val

On October 8,the show was renewed for a fifth season, [70] which premiered on August 31, Which is longer than you nursed Jenna. There’s nothing you can say to convince me to go to that dog and pony show, unless it actually was a show featuring dogs and ponies.

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By using the site, you consent to these cookies. I’m going to prom with Fred Wu. Jenna decides that she deserves more than Matty has offered, and tells him that she won’t go out with him that night, to the Formal, or anywhere.

jennas essay about val

In March, Jenna’s closest pals threw her an “epic” bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Do you name a star after me?

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