Types of questions – multiple choice, short answer, essays? Keep track of your progress and scores you have achieved. Since opening in , the John Monash Science School has been extremely popular with students who have a keen interest in the sciences. For each question take your time, once you hear your exam instructor say that there is 5 minutes left, stop with the extensive analysis on each question, and just start making educated guesses on all your questions left. These are generally easier to remember than ‘slabs of text’. For the interview, just talk on extra-curricular achievements.

This allows you to exchange, clarify and expand your understanding of the subject through collaborating with others. There are two parts to managing exams and addressing the above common problems: The 3 full length practice exams contain worked answers and students are able to upload their Science Communication and Science Writing essays to be marked with feedback from our tutors. Click the button below to access our online practice tests. Panicking accelerates heart rate, sweating, fast breathing and destroys short term memory.

Ability generally predicts how quickly a child will be able to learn and the level of complexity that they can comfortably deal with. All components conform to the John Monash Science School exam format.

Year 10 Entry John Monash Science School Practice Exams – 3 Tests

The testing will be designed to assess the following: Do AP test scores affect college admission? This will ensure that the process is fair to all applicants.

Answer Questions People keep calling me racist what shall i do? I would like to share some tips and strategies with students in regards to exam preparation and managing their exams.


John Monash Science School Practice Exams – 3 Practice Exams

The Science Teacher and the English Teacher work together with the students to skill them in producing excellent written pieces. This is another area where students usually do not get much exposure at their regular school.

jmss science essay topics

Focus is both on the content and expression. Stress Management Maintaining physical fitness is important, with regular meals, sleep, exercise and relaxation.

jmss science essay topics

Results are categorised, based on a comparison to results returned by thousands of other students in the same year level across Australia. As stated by “? If you are running out of time, finish the question using dot points. Prepare your materials such as pens, calculator etc. This includes series, matrices, arithmetical reasoning and deduction.

What we have found, as a result of the tests, is that those who are successful are curious about science, interested in the world around them and well grounded in mathematics and English, and although these are not specific criteria for entry, they expect that this will also be true of those offered places for the coming year. Rob, the mathematics and numerical reasoning are very similar they ARE the same company ; if you understand all your year 9 mathematics, you will be fine in it.

Organise these ideas into a logical order.

Tell yourself you can! Leave enough time to check your answers. John Monash science school entrance exam You need to identify the one that is most correct.


jmss science essay topics

It is important to know the exam format and requirements before an exam. Comments Jason J said on Jot down initial ideas. If you have a question about the exam you can post it here. This was for a topcs 11 entrance exam, so keep in mind that it is very likely knowledge from year 9 will also be used on this exam.

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Types of questions – multiple choice, short answer, essays? Our John Monash Science School online practice exams are specifically written by our Science teacher for students who are wishing to undertake the entrance exam. Results are categorised into two sections: We encourage all Year 10 students that have a passion and aptitude for Mathematics and the Sciences to tlpics. Students are encouraged to supplement this with their own research at home.

As with other Science schools that Edutest provides the testing service for; no specific details will be given about the format or content of the Scientific aptitude test to prevent rote learning from occurring. Does race determine IQ?

Keep to your time allocation. We hope that there is a wide range of applicants for places at the school, and we wish you every success in the tests.

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