However, the political cost was much higher. Right after their departure, subversion charges—supposedly a well-known Marcos tactic to scare off his enemies from ever returning—were filed against him. There were 34 civil cases pending at that time in the Sandiganbayan. In the November elections, he bested his two opponents by an overwhelming margin. It is a country that have struggled many havocs and devastation but conquered it all. That is a minority, to be sure, but ethics begins as a minority movement anywhere. Kim Sun-tae Park Won-soon.

Were we to call the roll of the men and women — from the highest officials to the humblest teacher and worker — who have dedicated their energies, their talents, their hearts and even their very lives to see that the journey is not interrupted, so that the quest may not stop, so that the tradition of excellence may go on, against seemingly endless odds and obstacles without number, we would have a fair measure of the kind of quiet heroism that went into the making and building of Silliman. Alam ko ito sapagkat lagi ko siyang dinadalaw sa Fort Bonifacio. College of Law where he earned an LL. What we see or read about, from day to day, are their show of arrogance and insolence. Politics should be an honorable calling, especially when one aspires for the highest position within the gift of our people.

He traveled to the U. Matiur Rahman Abdullah Abu Sayeed. But there is a rare handful who, in writing -and in speaking-make history.

Jovito Salonga

Every once in a while, my mind would catch, however faintly, strains of music from long, long ago, when my elder brother, fresh from what seemed to me then a wonderful adventure in a world far from home, used to sing that sweet song with words I can still remember — “Silliman Beside the Sea.


Men who, for truth and honor’s sake, Stand fast and suffer long. How to write an introduction paragraph for an argumentative essay may background information known as a single paragraph essay. In SeptemberMrs. There will always be heroes and villains.

Because of my stand against the US military bases and the rejection by the Senate of the RP-US Bases Treaty on September 16,my big financial backers withdrew their support for my candidacy. After one term, Salonga was chosen to run for Senate under the LP banner in the elections. The essence of politics is the use of power over others.

This site uses cookies. After his one-year stint with PCGG, he was drafted to run for the senate in the elections.

jovito salonga essay

The day-to-day discussion in the media, with conflicting viewpoints, has only added to the present confusion. And my sqlonga and client Ninoy Aquino- why is he being highly regarded by our nation?

When I say “educated man,” I do not refer to the skilled engineer, the able trial lawyer, the talented musician, the gifted writer, or the expert surgeon.

In this Philippine namethe middle name or maternal family name is Reyes and the surname or paternal family name is Salonga. There is no such thing as a criminal proceeding in absentia under Philippine law.

The Jovito R. Salonga Journal

He was allowed to leave with his wife for the U. I think that most of us are agreed that the No. His doctors’ prognoses were grim—he was not expected to live. Sakonga, you still remember a scene in Christ’s life. Though life in our generation is not the same with the past, where in, in us there is an inequality in our society where poverty already existed, it is a great challenge for me to do such thing, but I know that this hindrances are just a piece swlonga cake if I keep on trying.


Laurelwho later became his law partner in the Philippines.

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They might not be living in luxury, still they were able to enjoy life with the abundance of nature. In my view, there should be no hurry for him now to violate his own word of honor, which he also pledged to the whole nation through his own press statements the day after our unforgettable dialogue.

Few people highlight the trait of endurance better than Jovito Reyes Salonga. What is an educated man? Candidates in the Philippine presidential election. Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear and despair — these saponga the long, long wires that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust. It was a real moral victory, regardless of the published results of the election.

jovito salonga essay

People article about Salonga. O si Senador Jose W. Lawyer Tony Meer stated: As we go to press, the PCGG Chairman was quoted as saying that this should be done before the end of this year, otherwise there will be no time to implement such jovuto settlement in the remaining months of the Ramos Administration which ends in June Imelda Marcos and former Minister Jose Dans were convicted by the Sandiganbayan for violating the Anti-Graft Law and sentenced to a jail term of years. They would pretend it was straight reporting and fair comment- but it became political advertising anyway without any indication that the ad was paid for.

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