It must be her imagination. Although I don’t think any parents would name their kid after me. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Why did Yang have to be like that, anyway? However, she ran away after being confronted with the realization that life has no meaning. But I preferred manga more.

He noticed that his arm appeared to have melted, however this was an illusion and most likely the results of him trying to take an ability too powerful for him to handle. His score was the lowest of the whole school. Don’t you think you read the wrong book? He was sorely unimpressed by what was going on, telling Medaka that people are born for no reason. They tended to yell at her.

As for Ruby, she… “What are you saying, Misogi? So don’t hope for more.

The antithesis to the Abnormals are Minuses ; their abnormalities as destructive expressions of mental illnesses, chronic depression, being mentally shut off from the world, and possibly a complementary inferiority complex. This guy was even more dangerous than she thought. However, speehc was killed afterward before the marriage and the organization behind the Jet Black Wedding Feast intended to wait until Medaka had finished her work as the Student Council President before kujagawa another feast.

Kumagawa After Story Theory

Zenkichi eventually reveals his feelings directly to Medaka before sacrificing himself to destroy Kumagawa. The boy in question sweatdropped. Even if he gets older, he is the kind of person who will always stay young at heart: Even if it was biologically possible, a man of Zenkichi’s weight and mass graduatlon find it impossible. If he wins, she must marry him. ImmaKumagawa ImmaKumagawa 4 years ago 3 [Hi. In the Unknown Shiranui arc, after coming back to life, she is called to save the world.



The Worst Huntsman Chapter 1, a Medaka Box/めだかボックス + RWBY Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Zenkichi has vowed to protect Medaka ever since she was emotionally scarred after failing to help a classmate in middle school. Following the source of light, Ruby spotted the other girl from earlier. Her hands clenched into tight fists. After the new student council election, Medaka confesses that she has fallen for him. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. She would be his friend and make him happy.

She can’t believe kumagawq can even graduate, no less going to Beacon. Kumagawa seemed more amused than anything as he turned his head. I would appreciate that.

Medaka Box / Heartwarming – TV Tropes

Don’t worry, as long as I exist, your life is not the worst. More unusually and specifically, they actually seem to enjoy being that way, hence are usually smiling and appear to have masochistic tendencies.

kumagawa graduation speech

This badass son of a bitch is one of the best minor antagonists I’ve ever graduationn read. Death Note Another Note: His ability can even reverse his own death as well as the death of others. Things after really weren’t noteworthy except for Weiss yelling at her again and Kumagawa riling her up.


And her bow was cute? The works of Nisio Isin. Ironically, Shiranui’s grandfather notes that Zenkichi is probably the only person who can get along with Shiranui.

kumagawa graduation speech

Ruby wasn’t exactly one to like arrogant people. He then leaves the school only to be unheard of till his return in the Kumagawa Incident Arc Aftermath In the end of the manga Misogi was able to “graduate” Sometime after he leaves Hakoniwa Academy he goes around trying to fix all the actions he had previously turned into fiction.

Since I got lost in town plenty of times while on my way here, I’m gtaduation parched.

This is the only reasonable outcome. Don’t worry, the misfortune that you guys will experience from now on won’t even compare to what I’ve experienced in my teen years.

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