Similar to employees in other sectors, RMG workers have the right to work in an environment which is safe and without risks to their health. A useful tool for translating the voice of the customer into specific technical requirements is quality function deployment QFD. They are therefore vulnerable to losing their jobs at any time. City Forum, 9 1 , When present in a job, these motivation factors apparently can cause satisfaction and motivation; when they are absent, the result is feelings of no satisfaction as opposed to dissatisfaction.

Job satisfaction is one of the most frequently studied work attitudes by Organizational Behavior researchers. The keywords that were used in the search were combinations of: When other industries are facing high pressure from competitors, the garment industry is also facing challenges such as- prices, delivery time and services offered etc. The RMG industry in Bangladesh has been the key export division and the highest source of foreign exchange for the last 25 years. When present in a job, these motivation factors apparently can cause satisfaction and motivation; when they are absent, the result is feelings of no satisfaction as opposed to dissatisfaction.

For development of this sector, Bangladesh needs to emphasize on the factory working environment, social issues, labour relations and compliances with codes of conduct. Having to bumble along with insufficient resources and aging technology can be difficult and draining. Remember me on this computer. The prevalence and risk factors of post-traumatic stress disorder among workers injured in Rana plaza building collapse in Bangladesh.

Plan to build solid reading, math, technical and thinking skills.


Thus, ij satisfaction and work motivation were seen as dual-structure phenomena. If they are less vulnerable then what are the reasons for these variations and what contributes to better health outcomes in these countries? Local employers in the Bangladesh garment industry must now demonstrate compliance with these codes to win orders from international buyers. Total quality management is a business approach aiming at providing quality products to achieve customer satisfaction Asiya Gul, Accessed 9 Nov Quality Function Deployment A critical aspect of building quality into a product is to ensure that the product design meets customer expectations.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

The question literqture this research is: Shewhart —Developed concept of statistical control charts. From the result we observed that female respondents are higher satisfied than male respondents; the marital status of the respondents the standard deviation of unmarried, married and divorced are 0.

Health vulnerabilities of readymade garment (RMG) workers: a systematic review

By Tawseq Siraj Chowdhury. As a result of researchers were prevented from visiting the factory. Aminul Islam Abu Sofioun M. For preparing this report a small research is conducted on four Garments factories of Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, in particular, these industries play a very significant role in the economic development in terms of employment generation especially for blue collar workers. It is also not paid within the stipulated time that is within seven days of the following month. Thailand RMG workers fare worse. Therefore, the findings of this review may be similar, or different, for male workers.

Shewhart —Developed concept of gangladesh control charts. Chi-square test was done. Whether Working Place Over Crowded………………………. Salary is paid Within Seven Working Days … 5. Such low wages compel the garments workers to live in inhuman conditions.


However, health issues represent the most significant among the vulnerabilities faced by the workers during their working tenure in the readymade garment RMG sector [ 3 — 5 ].

Quality control of finishing sections: The organizations adopting quality management practices have experienced an overall improvement in corporate performance. Although the health vulnerabilities of the Bangladeshi and Indian RMG workers have been previously highlighted, the health vulnerabilities arising from sudden disasters in the sector remain a neglected issue.

Research Proposal on RMG worker | Sheikh Rasal –

Non-compliance of workplace health, safety and security regulations lead to hazardous work environments in which many workers become sick or injured, or lose their lives through accidents, fires and stampedes Delap E.

Exclusion of male respondents was not explained.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

When these factors are considered acceptable, an employee is not dissatisfied but not necessarily satisfied. International Journal of Business and Management; Vol.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

Having a real say in the decision-making process can be personally satisfying and contribute to your sense of involvement and identification with the company. International Labor Organization 9 According to International Labor Organizationbuyers make sourcing decisions based on four factors:

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