Content and comprehension Communication and engagement Scoring System Each criterion is equally weighted and has an emphasis on audience. The slide is to be presented from the beginning of the oration. Tayebeh Anajafi Marzijarani Program: Presentations are considered to have commenced when a presenter starts their presentation through movement or speech. Sanjay Arora Pharmaceutical Sciences Badlands 10 a. Participants in the university-wide competition register with the Graduate School during fall semester.

The winner of those rounds moved on to the finals. No additional electronic media i. Jonix Owino Developmental Science Mandan 11 a. It was in this round that the eight remaining graduate students were given another three minutes to present their research. Did the presentation follow a clear and logical sequence? Old Main Mailing address: This was the first round and included graduate students with research focuses that ranged from pharmaceutical sciences to civil engineering.

Student bee researcher wins Three Minute Thesis competition. Communication and Engagement Did the oration make the audience want to know more?

ndsu three minute thesis

Raquib Hasan Pharmaceutical Sciences Hidatsa 11 a. Her career goal after earning her doctorate is to work at a research laboratory at either a pharmaceutical company or university.

The winner for each room will be announced when the judges are finished determining the scores. For each of the two categories, judges will assign a score of 0 to No kinute props i.

Australia’s University of Queensland developed the first Three Minute Thesis competition inand the concept has spread to institutions around the world. The winner of those rounds miinute on to the finals.


You may be fitted with a lavalier clip-on, wireless, hands-free microphone for both the preliminary and championship round presentations.

Three Minute Thesis competition puts spotlight on student research | NDSU News | NDSU

A typical 80,word thesis would take nine hours to present; the participants are given just three minutes. Graduate students will often spend years working on their thesis, but at the Three Minute Thesis competition, they only had a few minutes to impress and persuade judges.

Wilson Biological Sciences Prairie 10 a. Tuesday, February 28, 2: Participants in the university-wide competition register with the Graduate School during fall semester.

The Three Minute Thesis Competition challenges students to present their work clearly and concisely. All participants must have approval from their adviser.

Presentations are limited to three minutes maximum; competitors exceeding three minutes are disqualified automatically. Eligibility is limited to current NDSU graduate students either master’s or doctoral who are registered for spring semester, as well as December graduates.

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Competitors are required to send their PowerPoint slide to the Graduate School prior to the competition. Return to Article List. Along with Wilson, the other participating graduate students up for the grand prize were Mohsen Tahmasebi from civil engineering, Priyanka Swami from pharmaceutical sciences, Pranothi Theesis from pharmaceutical sciences, Alireza Rahimi from coatings and polymeric materials, Raquib Hasan from pharmaceutical sciences, Sakshi Taneja from pharmaceutical sciences and Matthew Confeld from pharmaceutical sciences.


ndsu three minute thesis

Graduate students will continue to compete in the Three Minute Thesis Challenge in the future, proving how quickly information can be presented.

Members of the media will also be present; if you are approached, please take the time to talk with them. No additional electronic media i.

Did the presentation clearly minyte the key results of the research, including conclusions and outcomes? For the preliminary rounds, the audience and competitors will stay in the room while the judges hhesis tabulating the scores.

Sakshi Taneja Pharmaceutical Sciences Mandan 11 a. The annual competition challenges North Dakota State graduate students to present information about the research they have worked on in three minutes or less.

Her faculty adviser in the research is Julia Bowsher, associate professor of biological sciences.

Business See all channels. Cutting it down to three minutes was a real challenge. Presentations are to be delivered via spoken word i. Judges will evaluate competitors on two general categories: Suggest a student-focused story.

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