Choudhury, Susanta Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. Sahoo, Prasanna Kumar Production of ethylbenzene by liquid-phase benzene alkylation. Sinha, Rahul Recovery of liquid fuels from oil bearing seed. Bhushan, Ravi Interaction of hsp 90 with p53 and Its mutated form and their comparison. Tamuli, Kausik and Khan, Ayaz Effect of copper on the austempering behaviour of spheroidal graphite iron. C, Kashyap Vibration analysis of structures. Dash, Abhishek Study on the thermal pyrolysis of medical waste plastic syringe for the production of useful liquid fuels.

Singh, Vikrant Dev Design of systematic support system for development and depillaring in underground coal mines. Nayan, Niraj Kumar Experimental studies on extraction of valuable fuels from karanja and neem seed by pyrolysis. Yadav, P K A study of saw-cut shear strength. Majhi, Debanand and Anand, Brajesh and Misra, Saksham Analog to digital convertor interface with microcontroller. Das, Pratik Decision-making scenario towards Supply chain performance assessment in Fuzzy Context. Samal, D P Characterization of activated carbon and study of adsorption of methylene blue dye using activated carbon.

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DasA and Singh, G Plastic deformation and failure studies near a void for copper-aluminium alloy via molecular dynamics simulation. Kalika, Mallikarjuna Experimental investigation of Carbon dioxide absorption in a packed bed tower.

Mahato, M Removals of heavy metals frombed sediment of Brahmani river. Kumar, S Study on mechanical behaviour of banana fiber reinforced epoxy composites. SowmyaTontepu Naga and Marandi, Debati Optimal filter design and switching loss reduction in single phase grid connected Inverter system.


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Sahu, Ashish Kumar Dynamic analysis of a simply tnesis beam with crack. Dash, Sanjit Object Height Estimation. Srivastava, Devesh and Pande y, Alok Study of boundary layer parameters on rough surfaces. Singh, Ankita Studies on some aspects of composite machining. Chanap, Rahul Study of Mechanical and Flexural properties of coconut shell ash reinforced epoxy composites. Ladwa, Tuljappa M Fault diagnosis, design and implementation of control circuit for instron fatigue testing machine.

Patel, Jagruti Emotion Detection by Electroencephalogram.

AgrawalShwetank and KumarDurgit Load flow solution for thesie distribution networks. Kumar, Rajesh Heavy metal biosorption using algae. Meena, Ashvin Exploration of ground water using electrical resistivity method.

KBijesh Effect of fiber loading on mechanical behavior of chopped glass fiber reinforced polymer composites. Patra, R Statistical approach for detection of vehicle in heavy traffic. Praksh, Rahul Synthesis, characterization and effect of atmosphere on sintering behavior of BaTiO3 nano-powders. Kumar, Abhijeet Development of low cost filter using herbal technique.

Kumar, Vijay and Dundung, S P Optimal vibration control of fiber reinforced composite shell panel. Mittal, Ranjan and Nanda, Sunit Property enhancement of spheroidal graphite cast iron by heat treatment. Prusty, Dibyaranjan and Pradhan, Hitaindra Kumar An investigation on texture-property correlation in cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel. Nayak, Shibani Shankar Vibrational analysis of a simply supported beam with crack.


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Behera, Bijay Kumar Earth-quake resistant six-storied building located at Bhuj. Pradhan, Sai Shankar Development of alkali free thesie for refractory application application.

S R, Shubham Wastewater minimization using aspen water.

nit rourkela b tech thesis

Srivastav, Abhay and Malik, Bharat Developing an interactive web browser based game. Das, Kundan and Behera, Prasant Spectrum access and handover strategy in femtocell network.

Das, Smrutirekha Characterization o f activated carbon of coconut shell,rice husk and karanja oil cake. Sar, Debranjan Seismic evaluation of un-reinforced masonry structures. Panigrahi, Suseet Liquid drop dynamics under the effect of an induced horizontal wettability gradient. Mishra, Subrat Combined loose piece pattern for a complex job.

Sinha, Rahul Recovery of liquid fuels from oil bearing seed. KumarKrishna Development of walk safe cane for the rehabilitaion of texh people. Chanda, Arindam Design and development of a mouse using 3d scanning faro arm. A Grey based Taguchi Approach.

nit rourkela b tech thesis

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