Mohapatra , Saswat Evaluation of performance of flax fiber in the SMA mix using slag as aggregate replacement. Adhikari, Soumalya and Choudhuri, Saptarshi Pal and Sneha, Supriya Study of voltage controlled oscillator based analog-to-digital converter. Bagal, Dilip Experimental investigation and modeling micro-drilling operation of aerospace material. Powrel, D B Optimizing electrocoagulation process for treatment of biodiesel wastewater using response surface method. Sahu, Subash Chandra and Chawla, Nirmal Effect of size of iron ore pellets on its reduction kinetics.

Mishra, Bibek and Kar, Bibhu Prasanna Matlab based modeling of photovoltaic array characteristics. Kundan, Paswan Sintering study of Mag-Al Spinel synthesized via combustion synthesis using glycine as fuel. Maheshwari, Baby Comparision of different algorithm for the segmentation of handwritten indian annotations. Kumar, A Production scheduling and mine fleet assignment using integer programming. Naik, Ashok Kumar Developing a location based reminder application on android platform. Mohanta , Yayati Kishore Hydrodynamics stydy of conventionl cylindrical fluidized bed at ambient temperature. Malik, Alok and Nayak, Biswabhusan Virtual instrument based fault detection in three phase circuit.

Kachhap, Bineeta Designing of a simulation tool to analyse the dining philosopher’s problem by petri net analysis.

Singh, Rahul Vehicle Model Identification. MohantaYayati Kishore Hydrodynamics stydy of conventionl cylindrical fluidized bed at ambient temperature.

nit rourkela b tech thesis

Prusty, Sharbanee and Agrawal, Niraj Kumar Two dimensional analysis of rurkela structures under arbitrary loading.

Baxla, M A Comparative study of similarity measures for item based top n recommendation.


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MohapatraSaswat Evaluation of performance of flax fiber in the SMA mix using slag as aggregate replacement. Kar, Soumyaranjan Heuristic algorithm for fault detection and path performance monitoring in meshed all-optical networks.

nit rourkela b tech thesis

Rastogi, Tulika Experimental studies on heat transfer augmenatation using galvanised iron wire insert with and without baffles. SinghJagabandhu and Prusty, Rajesh Kumar Studies on tribological behaviour and dielectric properties of bio-fiber reinforced composites. Mohanty, Maithili Performance based characterisation of bituminous binders. Rourkwla, Sri Ankit Dragline performance study in indian coal mines.

Dash, Sivasis and Anupam, Antariksh Improvement of thermal conductivity of water by addition of iron powder. Chauhan, Rajesh A laboratory study on effect of test conditions on subgrade strength. Agrawa], Sourav Kumar High security image encryption by 3stage process.

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Srivastava, Abhijeet Ground Water Replenisher: Bhanja, Aditya Design of Instrumented Gripper. Kalyan, Kumar Prabhu High heeled gait analysis of ankle joint forces using rourela platform.

Mahato, Tapas Kumar Experimental investigation of microdrilling operation of printed circuit board. GoudaAshis Ranjan Image processing based analysis of transformer oil.

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Behera, Deepak Design and Rourmela of Underactuated compliant mechanisms. Swainswaraj Preet and Dalai, Srilokanath Real time pedestrian detection and tracking for driver assistance systems.


Sutar, R Multi objective optimization of cutting parameters in turning operation using Taguchi method.

SultanaRuksar Lab-on-a-chip tissue engineered 3D cancer model for in-vitro anti-cancer drug screening.

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Swain, D P Supplier selection in risk consideration: Das, Soubhagya Ranjan Experimental study on synthesis, characterization and applications of novel adsorbents.

Pandey, Ashitosh Laser welding of dissimilar material. Patra, S S Synthesis and characterization of cordierite based glass-ceramic. Sahoo, Ranjan and Samantaray, Pinaki Study of friction welding. Biswal, Rupam Ranjan Effect of surfactant on evaporation of water. Shanker, Thssis Assessment of spontaneous heating liability of some Indian coals using experimental techniques.

Panigrahi, Bibhu Prasad and Pradhan, Abhijit Modern methods for power system harmonics estimation. Singh, Manish Suitability study of ripper-dozer combination in Indian mines. Bhandari, Sushma Artifical intilligence as a tool for ECG pattern recognition of menstrual phases in eumenorrheic young females: Dhir, Satarupa Study of flow of granular solids through horizontal orifices.

A molecular dynamics simulation study. Sahu, Rakesh Kumar and MahapatraDebasish Comparative study between active and hybrid power filters for power quality enhancement.

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