Behera, A Optimization of process parameters in laser welding of dissimilar materials in lap joint configuration using multi-objective Taguchi analysis. Sahu, Rajiv Lochan A comparative study on joints with and without gouge fill. Hansdah, B B Study on error in space speed prediction. Mahapatra, Manoj Adsorptive mode of Phenol abatement from aqueous solution using activated carbons. Mallikarjuna, R Operational analysis of roundabouts under mixed traffic flow condition.

Bisi, Pragyan Saraswati Vibration and buckling analysis of cracked composite beam. Tripathi, Bhishm A Survey on various image compression techniques. Biraji , Ranjit Kumar An in silico approach towards breast cancer therapy using Hsp90 as target. Mallik, Namita Study of throughput based on the impact of propagation effects and traffic patterns in wireless cellular networks. Singh, Anand Predictive controller design for networked systems. Katta, J Optimization of conical antenna array synthesis using modified cuckoo search algorithm. Behera, S Synthesis, characterization and mechanical properties of Al, Cu 3Ti powder blend by mechanical alloying.

Sahu, Rajat Kumar Application of ripper-dozer combination in surface mines: SanthoshPushpaRaj, D Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates with holes. Majhi, Bhabesh Two phase fluidization of coarse materials in a tapered fluidized bed.

nit rourkela mining thesis

Majumdar, Abhishek and DasSubhrajeet Out of plane vibration of curved beams. Ni, Bhishm A Survey on various image compression techniques. Behera, B Virtual instrument based maximum power point tracking of a solar panel. Yadav, Utkarsh Rurkela decision making approach for vendor selection.


After the initial development period of 5 to 7 years for establishing laboratories and other facilities, the department has taken up rock mechanics and ground control ,environmental issues of mineral industry, excavation engineering as thrust area.

Research Projects

Sahoo, Santanu Kumar Assessment, development and management of ground water from confined aquifers of a hilly terrain. Venkatesh, N An experimental study on effect of reinforcement on stress- strain behavior of flyash. Mohanty, Siddhant Exploring potential drugs against Scrapie disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease using molecular docking techniques.

nit rourkela mining thesis

Sahu, Sanoj Small Hydropower: TaraiSmrutyunjaya and RohithV. Mallick, Sarada Prasanna Gelatin based emulsion hydrogels as a matrix for controlled delivery. Sabar, Pratima Vibration and buckling analysis of cracked beam-columns.

Items where Subject is “Engineering and Technology > Mining Engineering > Mining Industry”

Bantraj, Kandi Studies on adsorption isotherms and heats of adsorption of CH4 on microporous and mesoporous adsorbents. Saroha, Ankit Survey of k-Anonymity. Sahoo, Upendra Kumar Co-operative sensor localization using maximum likelihood estimation algorithm.

Puri, Anup Simultaneous image and signal acquisition for foot force analysis.

Items where Subject is “Engineering and Technology > Mining Engineering”

Gupta, Gajanand Economic Design of X-bar control chart using nut swarm optimization. Das, Ashrit and Pradhan, Sanjib Kumar Evaluation of explosives using ground vibration criterion.

Kumar, Pradeep Optimization of structural parameters using artificial neural network for vibration reduction in beams.

Das, Sidharth and Chakraborty, Suman Development of computer based equipment performance monitoring systems in open cast mines. Ekka, Sushmita Automatic load frequency control of multi area power systems.


Satapathy, A K Numerical simulation of slip flow heat transfer in a microtube. Sankar, D S V Statistical signal processing approach to segment primary components from pathological phonocardiogram. Prusty, Biswanath Use of waste polyethylene in bituminous concrete mixes. Mahto, Bishnu Prasad Characterization of ductile iron through fractographic study.

YAG laser, optimizing the tensile strength.

SinghJagabandhu and Prusty, Rajesh Kumar Studies on tribological behaviour and dielectric properties of bio-fiber reinforced composites. Naik, Biswajit and Mudgal, Nikhil and Behera, Somanath Load flow analysis of unbalanced radial distribution systems. Swain, Abhishek and Nayak, Somya Geotechnical properties of fiber reinforced pond ash.

Vamshi, Chintha An analysis of frequency recognition algorithms and implementation in realtime. Pavani, M Application of functional networks in geotechnical engineering. Ray, Nigamananda and Kerketta, Dilip Kumar Some studies on aluminium matrix in-situ composites produced by stir casting method. ,ining, Sailendra Kumar Bearing capacity of circular footing located on randomly reinforced sand bed.

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