Mahapatra, A Alumina silicon oxycarbide hybrids. Sahu, Jagannatha Study of tensile and flexural properties of luffa fiber reinforced epoxy composite. Chanda, Asit Baran Hardware design of electronic notice board. Kumar, R PID controller design for various plant model. Kar, Saurav Kumar Generation of UML class diagram from software requirement specification using natural language processing. Anurag, Anup Decoupled control strategy of grid interactive inverter system with optimal LCL filter design.

Niranjan, S and Shrivas , A To model breakdown voltage using artificial neural networks of solid insulating materials. Meena, Kuldeep Kumar and Yadav, Parit A comparative study in soil plasticity of hall area and lecture complex area of nit rourkela. Debata , Bijay Kumar Development of porous hydroxyapatite for orthopedic applications. Das, Ashrit and Pradhan, Sanjib Kumar Evaluation of explosives using ground vibration criterion. Bansal, Rajan Improving dimensional accuracy of fused deposition modelling FDM parts using response surface methodology. Ease login or register! Mandal, Manabesh and Behera, Kedar Sankar Analysis of color histogram based similarity search and retrieval strategy of videos in Video on Demand systems.

Raj, Kundan and Sood, Sidharth and Panda, Amlan Prateek and Panigrahi, Sridhar Kumar and Pabba, Abhimanyu An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by investigation of synthetic slags prepared in the laboratory using pure oxides.

Das, Pratik Decision-making scenario towards Supply chain performance assessment in Fuzzy Context.

Through Insilico Genome Analysis. Das, L Phase evolution behaviour of dolomite-alumina system.

Biswal, Shatabdi Fabrication of thesi jet machine. NiFe2O4 Nanocomposites and comparative study of its microstructural and magnetic properties. Upadhyay, Ankur and Kamal, Manish Characterization and utilization of fly ash. Patel, Sumanta Kumar Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of transition metal clusters and their role towards organic transformation.


Hansaria, Utsav Gait studies of normal and hallux valgus affected individuals.

nitrkl phd thesis

Raj, Tapas and Jena, Ashirvad Design and development of an automated paint mixing machine. Pahuja, Sahil Designing an algorithm using active noise cancellation for development of a headphone in heavy noise pgd. Das, Saikishan and Prasanna, K Multiple robot co-ordination using particle swarm optimisation and bacteria foraging algorithm. Sen, Arpan and Kashyap, Rishabh Soil stabilization using waste fiber materials.

SundarayPreetam Environmental Flow. Kumar, Nitesh Fault tolerant enterprise networks for large scale organizations.

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Dalai, S K and Chand, P R Optimisation of abrasive wear of rice husk reinforced epoxy composite by using response surface methodology. Behera, Lokanath A conceptual design of pattern to replace investment casting. Gulati, Ketan and Bharti, Varun Optimization of reactive distillation column. Concept of Institutional Repository.

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Singh, Vishal and Panda, Abhijit Hydrogeochemical study in and around malanjkhand copper mine. Hasda, Savitri Effect of nanoparticles on the wetting of different solid surfaces. Mohanty, Soubhagya Ranjan and Meena, Anil Behaviour of lime stabilized reinforced flyash under uniaxial loading. Srivastav, Abhay and Malik, Bharat Developing an interactive web browser based game.

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Sain, Suresh CFD analysis of flow pattern in electrochemical machining. Udent thesis is used nittrkl take at least 30 days to finish complete evaluation cycle before proceeding to the final resultThe list of selected candidates will be displayed in our Institute website and no postal intimation will be sent to the selected candidatesBehavioural Modelling and Simulation of PLL Based.


DhanukaRaghav Modelling of doubly fed induction generator based wind turbine. Mallick, Jnanaranjan and Tudu, Manmohan Study of various data mining techniques.

Mishra, Upasana Development of Cobalt-Magnesium doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering application.

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Tiwari, Priyanka Thermodyamic, ecoomic analysis and desiging of heating system for the swimming pool present at NIT rourkela. Kar, Subrat Kumar Structural and electrical studies of Ba fenb 0.

Kundan, Paswan Sintering study of Mag-Al Spinel synthesized via combustion synthesis using glycine as fuel.

nitrkl phd thesis

Toppo, Krishna Chandra and Rout, Deepak Kumar Heat transfer enhancement in single micro channel using micro fins. Srivastava, Abhijeet Ground Water Replenisher: Panda, Thdsis Subhadarsan and Das, Pradipta Kumar Fiber reinforced polymer composites characterization by differential scanning calorimeter.

nitrkl phd thesis

Rout, Biswabikash and Sethy, Sourava Kumar Development of computer aided gauss model to study the dispersion of air pollutants.

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