Nerve supply of face, neck and oral cavity. Finishing and presenting the cases taken up. Check list For all MDS Specialities Journal reviews, seminars, clinical work in OPD, clinical case presentations teaching skills, dissertation presentation and overall assessment of the candidate has to be evaluated by the following check lists. These regulations are applicable to the students who are admitted to the MDS course from the academic year – onwards. More case discussions and cases to be taken up. Drugs Acting On Kidney – Diuretics.

Congenital and hereditary disorders involving tissues of oro-facial region. Drugs affecting calcium balance. Allergy and other miscellaneous conditions. Wolf, Edith M,Klaus H. Diet and Nutrition in dentistry – Rutgunn Radiation safety and protection.

Diagnostic procedure — Recent advances and various aids used for diagnosis.

Upper expansion appliance with coffin spring 4. Presentation of papers at state level conference to start with in the first year of MDS. Special Care Dentistry 84 Journals pertaining to Dental education and practice 1.


Single visit endodontics — current concepts and controversies. Finishing and presenting the cases taken up. Institutions may include additional activities, if so, desired.

ntr health university master orthodontics thesis topics

Pediatric Endodontics — treatment of immature apex. Interceptive Orthodontics – Principles – Growth guidance – Diagnosis and treatment planning – Therapy emphasis on: Developmental disturbances of oral and Para oral structures, dental caries, regressive changes of teeth, pulp, periapical pathology, pulp reaction to dental caries and dental procedures.


It not only helps teachers to evaluate students, but also helps students to evaluate themselves. Approach To be covered as seminars mastwr didactic lectures.

Exercise empathy, caring attitude and maintain high ethical universith. Management of medical emergencies in dental chair. Each trainee shall make at least 5 seminar presentations in each year. Oral Universsity – Development of dentition, Innervations of dentin and pulp Periodontium — development, histology, blood supply, nerve supply and lymphatic drainage Oral mucous membrane Pulp — Periodontal complex II.

Procedures to Improve Alveolar soft tissues: One dental caries index b. Record of cases seen to be maintained. The monitoring to be done by faculty member of the department of oral medicine and radiology based on participation of students in various learning activities.

Pulp Dentin Complex – Weine Periodontal therapy – Preparation of tooth surface Plaque control Anti microbial and other drugs used in periodontal therapy and wasting tgesis of teeth Periodontal management of HIV infected patients Occlusal evaluation and therapy in the management of periodontal diseases Role of Orthodontics as an adjunct to periodontal therapy Special emphasis on precautions and treatment for medically compromised patients Periodontal splints Management of dentinal hypersensitivity D.


To attend dental camps and to educate the masses. Knowledge cognitive domain 2. Prevention and management of altered consciousness syncope, orthostatic hypotension, seizures, diabetes mellitus, adrenal insufficiencyhypersensitivity reactions, chest discomfort and respiratory difficulty.

ntr health university master orthodontics thesis topics

Endodontic Practice — Grossman Salivary glands — structure, function, clinical considerations. Journal of Orthodontids American Dental Association Candidates not possessing a recognized dental qualification for the above purpose should secure the 5 prior approval of his qualification by the Dental Council of India before he can be admitted into MDS course.

Periodontology — Herbert F. Effective motivation and education regarding periodontal disease maintenance after the treatment.


International Journal Of Computerized Dentistry Deals with prevention and treatment of Oral and Dental ailments that may occur during childhood. Radiographic interpretation – Dental Caries, periodontal gopics, regressive changes of teeth. Name of the Trainee:

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