Instead of burning biodegradable waste, it is better if we recycle it. Healthy eating is one of the ways to good health besides getting enough exercise and sleep. Playing sports will make you forget the stress or problems that you have as you are giving a full attention to the games. Avoid eating too much sugar too. Malaysia attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Information provided in this way is often simple and easy to understand. The effects are not only short term, but have long lasting effects as well.

On the whole, excessive drinking of alcohol can cause malfunctions to the human body system. We should drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Follow the guidelines below to write an article: Visitors also got a chance to see other items relating to space such as basic telescopes and a radio telescope. Use vegetable and fruit peelings and garden waste like leaves to make compost.

Disabled – people who are unable to use a part of their body easily or are unable to learn easily. The Importance of Recycling. The Exploration Club decided to organize a visit to the National Science Centre as part of the club project. Memoir and creative writing or.

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This majestic modern architecture comprises two towering blocks that hold offices, restaurants and topis entertainment outlets. Do students need homework essay questions agatha christie essay life timeline? Waste products are not necessary damaged at all.


Favourite building essay sportsperson. Many of the children could work well with their hands. Other booths showcased their latest products and models such as computers, audio and video players and various other state-of-the art gadgets.

Alcohol can increase anxiety and stress levels. Write an article on tips to better manage your stress.

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In the past, water was used to work certain machines like turbines and steam engines. It was a good opportunity topifs visitors to view these products. Conclude by summarizing the main points Internet social networking brings people from all over the world together. The unique design has been photographed by people from all over the world.

Instead of burning biodegradable waste, it is better if we recycle it. Water is also used to keep trees and plants alive. Addictive – of an activity of behaviour that makes people unable to stop doing it. Write an article on the types topicx food that should be englishh and types of food to avoid for a healthy life style. People can relax by watching television, listening to music, painting, baking and such other hobbies.


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As we said goodbye, we promised ourselves that we would return soon. Use the present tense when stating facts. Tins and larger glass jars can be reused for storing other things such as biscuits and sweets. This can also prevent us from having low blood pressure and dehydration. Smartphones allow users to communicate in multiple ways. Eat lots of vitamin C suer as oranges as they are good for your immune system to fight against stress.

pt3 english essay topics

A balanced diet keeps us healthy and strong. Not all Aedes mosquitoes transmit dengue fever.

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We need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Many people have ended up in danger after being deceived by such dishonest people. Include other used paper, glass bottles and jar and metal cans.

Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur receives hundreds of visitors every day. They can download and install any shopping application that helps one to save time and effort.

pt3 english essay topics

In fact, alcohol often cause serious weight problems and drastic physical body changes.

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