Talks with Richard Selzer, which has also been recorded as a Blackstone audiobook with Josyph reading the part of Selzer and actor Raymond Todd reading the part of Josyph. The title made me think that the essay may have to do with some sort of violence. Response to Richard Selzer s the Knife. You are commenting using your WordPress. The essay is gruesome but very beautiful at the same time. My mind was going crazy trying to piece together all of my thoughts:

Beginning in the s, Selzer became well known as an author as well. It doubled as a moving tribute to Selzer. From early on Selzer establishes that he simultaneously dreads and is fascinated with his job. He takes the calculations, the science, the chemistry, the dosages and the latin terminology out of medicine and leaves us with nothing but black words on a white page, infused with sixty shades of speculation and creative thought that have always seemed invisible in the hospital they speak of. Does anyone else agree that these same words could just as well have come from a psychotic killer: Comparing a scar to a verse addresses the beauty of scars. It is captured as something that is honest.

Richard Selzer

Poetic and literal knifs of a surgeon wielding. I had a lot of trouble dissecting this piece. The knife esway the truth that cuts through skin, bone, and muscle and takes an unconscious person painlessly out of misery. The fine artist and fine surgeon blends the two worlds of calculation and creativity in this piece, twisting them together in a way synonymous to the consummation of the strangest love or the reincarnation of a human onto their next life; it is the surreal merge of two distant entities, poetry and precision, fantasy and formula, taking even the most thoughtful and intelligent selzerr surprise.


It seems that the way his writing made me feel is the similar to the feeling his patience experience before a surgery.

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But Imagine a Woman consists entirely of fiction, and he has written two full-length memoirs, Raising the Dead, and Down from Troy: The body is carved carefully, each slice a toil with death. The essay is gruesome but very beautiful at the same time. Functioning through each day under the stress of having to play God in a building where God seems to no longer exist is unimaginable; I can only assume it deprives life of emotional color and excitement, leaving it filled with the grays and manila-folder yellows of patient documents, but, in The Knife, Richard Seltzer manages to breath life into the profession.

I was ricbard vivid pictures of the surgery room, the scalpel, and the knife itself. Selzer’s books are generally collections of short stories, essays, and memoirs, including selec. The patient trusts the surgeon. Just Search A Name and State. He was jealous of the nurse. The knife can kill and tthe knife can save lives. Views Read Edit View history. Richard Selzer graduated from Union College inwith a B.

Even though Selzer is writing about this scene of hospital blood and gore, he somehow manages to keep his tone calm, his, and his words flowing with beauty. My favorite section of the piece was the sixth portion. Selzer explains the knife as a brush for a painter, displaying its elegance. The novel won three prizes for literary fiction.


I just want to write. The essay is methodical like the surgery it describes.

the knife essay richard selzer

The knife is mystery, but it is possibility. The opportunity stays the same. But we know that we can do our best while we are alive, to use the knife the right way on others, so that others can do the same for us.

richard selzer the knife essay

Comments 11 Comments Categories Uncategorized. The patient willingly lies on the table to be put under anesthesia and he can only hope to wake up at the end. The title knide me think that the essay may have to do with some sort of violence. He served in the Army for two years as a lieutenant in charge of a medical detachment.

The Knife By Richard Selzer. The way Selzer talks about the inside of the body is somewhat refreshing.

the knife essay richard selzer

The award is given annually to a medical student whose essay or story stands out for its quality and humanistic focus.

This set the mood for the essay, showing us different ways to look at a knife in ways we have never thought of. Selzer’s exploration into the question of autonomy over the body continues to resonate in our culture today, with his literature bringing richer shades of truth than the political discourse allows.

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