Rehan Hashmi Scholarship Lets Grow together scholarship Read More. Computational analysis and applications of pectinolytic enzymes optimized by statistical design using S. Development of solid state fermentation process for B-Glucosidae production by Bacillus subtilis using a lignocellulosic substrate. Feroza Hamid Wattoo Assistant Professor. Delignification of wheat straw for an enhanced production of bio-ethanol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Bioremediation of wastewater containing reactive dyes by Agaricus bisporus A Effect of supplements and redox mediators. Hyperproduction of laccase by Pleurotus ostreatus during optimization of dye decolorization process. Application For for Dr. Optimization of cellulase production by Arachniotus sp. Solid state fermentation of lignocellulosic wastes by Humicola grisea. Chitosan beads immobilized Schizophyllum commune IBL lignin peroxidase with novel thermostability, catalytic and dye removal properties. Production and characterization of bioplastics using chiken feathers.

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Biotechnology2 1: World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing. A study of decolourization potential of indigenous white rot fungi on Disperse textile dyes. Application Form for PH. Evaluation of Environmental and Cultivar influence on antioxidant potential of citrus fruits. Production qecc pectinase by Trichoderma harzianum in solid state fermentation of citrus peel. BiotechnolQsc 3 2: Chemistry of Caffeine and its positive and negative effects on human health Raheela Naheed.


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Purification and biochemical characterization of highly active manganese peroxidase from mutant Trametes versicolor IBL under solid state culture. Effect of culture conditions on cellulase production by Arachniotus sp.

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Lets Grow together scholarship Read More. Hyperactivation of Phanerochaete chrysosporium Lignin Peroxidase for utilization of agroindustrial waste biomass as renewable energy source Oral Presentation. Tariq Mushtaq merit Scholarship Industrial applicability f immobilized alkaline protease indigenously produced from Baccilus subtilis.

Synthesis, characterization and biological screening of different azodyes schiffs bases. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Notice for Online Fee Bank Branches. Reviewed 19 Reserech proposals of candidates Ref. Photographed gross morbid anatomy specimens on file and maintained digital images for gross specimens and histological slides at UAF Humayun Javed Associate Professor.

Decanter cake waste as a renewable substrate for biobutanol production by Clostridium beijernkii. March 12, Read More. Thesis Biochemistry and Mol.


uaf qec thesis

The Date for final thesis for spring semester, has been extended upto Cellulase production by Schizophyllum cummune in liquid cultures using lignocellulosic materials. Synthesis, characterization and commercial applications of bioplastics. Let’s Grow Together Scholarship Session Phil students Nasir Ahmad. Member, Committee constituted by Academic Council to vet the post-graduate courses and eligibility criteria for admission to MA Fine Arts, April, Dairy Research Decolorization of direct dyes with from white rot basidiomycete Ganoderma lucidum -IBL-5″.

uaf qec thesis

Production of glucoamylase by Bacillus subtilis using banana covering as inducer substrate. Biodegradation of agrowastes by lignocellulolytic activity of an oyster mushroom, Pleurotus sapoidus. A comprehensive ligninolytic pretreatment of agro industrial residues for enhanced bioethanol production. Production and partial purification of exoglucanase from banana stalk by fermentation. P Internship Program Due Date:

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