HPLC profiling of statins produced by local microbes. Immobilization and Industrial Applications of Ligninolytic enzymes Video conference lecture. Good oral understanding and fair speaking 6. Rehman, Asgher Bajwa, Z. Bioresources , 12 2: Detection of Candidatus liberibacter asiaticus’ the causal organism of Huanglongbing, in Mandarin group of citrus. Aridian Model and Literacy Center.

Candidate Academic Staff Application Form. Excellent written communications, good oral understanding and speaking 2. Sunmer School at UCL. Department of Food Technology. Rehan Hashmi Scholarship Kinetics of improved invertase production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Fayyaz ul Hassan Chairman.


Interview Schedule for A. Solid state bioprocessing of sugarcane bagasse for lignolytic enzymes production by lucidum IBL Production of ligninase enzymes by Scyzophylum commune in solid state fermentation of a lignocellulosic residue. Bacterial cellulose-assisted de-lignified wheat straw-PVA based bio-composites with novel characteristics.

uaf qec thesis

Post Doc ChinaPh. Catalysis34 qeec Characterization of laccase produced by Pleaurotus ostreatus in solid state bioprocessing of corn cobs Oral Presentation.


uaf qec thesis

September 12, J. World Malaria Day organized by the Department of Biochemistry on to create awareness regarding malarial diseases and their management.

Biochemistry and Analytical studies3 1: Fodder cultivation under the Scenario of climate change.

Dr. Latif Ahmad | Baqai Medical University –

Prospects of zinc solubilizing bacteria for enhancing growth of maize. Effect of Ligninolytic enzymes on degradability and structure variation in lignocelluloses waste compositing. Asgher and Bazgha, A. Characterization of the selective white-rot fungus kraft pulp-modifying enzymes to improve selected paper properties and degradation of recalcitrant organic dyes.

Production of citric acid from Aspergillus Niger in liquid and solid state fermentation by using wheat straw bran. EconomicsBsc Mathematics Area of Interest: Khurshid Bibi Scholarship Read More. Biodegradation ElesvierRef: Interview Schedule of Khurshid Bibi Scholarship Abdul Hafeez Scholarship Read More.

QEC UAF Thesis & Synopsis Result

Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: UAF Scholarship Calander Decolorization potential of white rot fungi on vat dyes. Delignification and fruit juice clarification properties of alginate-chitosan-immobilized ligninolytic cocktail. Bioremediation of leather industry wastewater: March 12, Read More.


Sheikh and Haq Nawaz. Comparative characteristics of free and immobilized laccase from Trametes versicolor IBL Munir, N, Asgher and M. Evaluation of Environmental and Cultivar influence on antioxidant potential of citrus fruits. Appointment of Teaching Assistants for Winter Semester GC University, Lahore May 25, Allah Ditta Memorial Scholarship Bio-pesticidesIntegrated crop pest management, Insecticide resistanceApiculture Department:

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