The Method section specifies the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the studies to be reviewed and the search strategy for locating them. Please see the course document on submission of joint theses. All DClinPsy students continue to have access to UCL library resources after the viva, whilst they work on any required thesis revisions. Note that the project has recently been renamed as the “service-related project”, but the old name of “service-related research project” may still be found in course documentation. Secondly, any copyrighted test materials should also be removed. Theses with minimal presentational errors can, at the Board of Examiners’ discretion, be awarded a Pass. The more important or innovative the topic or method, the more forgivable are shortcomings:

That is because theses contain copies of measures, participant information sheets, references and so on, which inflate the Turnitin originality score. This document describes how the thesis should be presented in order to make the nature of each trainee’s contribution explicit. If there is only one appendix, just call it Appendix, with no number. Proposal for Research Expenses. Soft binding consists of a clear plastic cover and solid spine not ring binding ; it comes under a variety of names at various printers.

Raw data and computer printouts are not normally needed. A thesis which has several substantial flaws in the analysis or write-up. Note that some forms cannot be listed here, either because they need to be completed online on a separate website, or because there’s no electronic version available.

Examiners’ criteria for evaluating the thesis

These are encouraged by the rhesis, but care does need to be taken at all stages to ensure that each trainee is making a separate independent contribution. Please use the below form for recording your AL. This document explains how to access additional funds for the major research project. There is only one set of appendices for all of Volume 1, placed at the end of the volume.

Once the final hard-bound copy of the thesis, plus the electronic copy, have been submitted, the department will inform HPC so that registration can go ahead.


If the candidate is unable or unwilling to make the corrections required, the thesis may be failed. The first two parts the literature review and the empirical paper are in the form of papers that might be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal; the third part the critical appraisal is not intended for publication, but aims to give you an opportunity to reflect critically on the research that you carried out.

In particular, students writing up small-N and qualitative studies should be especially careful to ensure that no participants are identifiable from the thesis. If you know in advance that you may not be well enough, or other significant circumstances might seriously impact on your exam performance, then you are encouraged to consider applying to defer the exam an option that should be discussed with the Course Tutor, and that we hope would only rarely occur.

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Miscellaneous collection of websites that are useful for research projects, e. You just need to re-register, following the instructions given on the UCL library website.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

Volume 2 begins with a title page, which says “Case Reports and Service-Related Research Project”, then lists on separate lines your name, “D. When theses for joint projects are sent to the external and internal examiners, a covering sheet will be attached, saying that it was a joint project and naming the other trainees that were part of the group.

Useful Forms

Guidelines for external supervisors of major reseearch project Notes for external supervisors thinking of proposing a project Guidelines for clinical supervisors on the Service Related Research Project. Thesis Submission Extensions Form. Please let the Research Administrator know if you have any suggestions for additional items.

These should be submitted to the Research Administrator, in the General Thesjs i. UCL also have a list of potential binders and printers although these have not been approved by the course or by UCL. A Fail should be given when the work undertaken by the candidate is irredeemable, i.


A Fail should also be given if the candidate’s viva performance reveals a fundamental lack of understanding of the rationale underpinning the work. Joint theses are ones in which the major research project is undertaken by thezis team of two or more trainees, usually working under the same supervisor. Statement of Intent Form. Theses hcl trainees who have worked jointly on a project will normally be examined by the same external examiner.

Stipulated revisions might include the addition of substantial new material; a significant amount of rewriting, often in several parts of the thesis; or an extensive re-analysis of the data, which will usually necessitate revising the discussion of the findings. Part 2 the empirical paper with a title page and abstract both on separate ycl and references. Fail A Fail should be given when the work undertaken by the candidate is irredeemable, thessi.

Each part is described below.

It is a pre-condition of HPC registration that candidates have completed all elements of the course, which includes all of their thesis corrections.

Outcomes of the viva In arriving at an overall evaluation, examiners will bear in mind that strengths in some areas of the thesis thesi compensate for weaknesses in others. Volumes xclinpsy and 2 have separate tables of contents and are separately paginated i. However, overlap should generally be minimal, and the same sentences should not normally be repeated in different parts of the thesis.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

Annual Leave Form – Intake Critical Appraisal”and references. This file is held in the General Office, and holds information under the following headings:

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