Revisions that require the collection of a significant amount of new data also fall under this category. Volumes 1 and 2 have separate tables of contents and are separately paginated i. Trainees need to use their own judgement to decide whether they should amend their thesis because of inadvertent plagiarism. Empirical Paper” and then give the title of the empirical paper on a separate line. The review paper should be a stand-alone paper in its own right. There’s no need to number the pages within the appendices if this is fiddly.

As with case reports, submission of Volume 1 of the thesis to Turnitin is done via Moodle. You can model it on papers in any mainstream peer-reviewed clinical psychology journal, e. UCL Home UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology Trainee Research Research documents Examiners’ criteria for evaluating the thesis Examiners’ criteria for evaluating the thesis General criteria The research thesis is expected to be an original piece of empirical work of relevance to clinical psychology, demonstrating the candidate’s ability to apply scientific principles and undertake rigorous investigation. The link below takes you to the section of the training handbook on the SRP Note that the project has recently been renamed as the “service-related project”, but the old name of “service-related research project” may still be found in course documentation. This document gives detailed guidance on writing up and presenting each part of the thesis.

The course makes every effort to streamline this process, so that potential employment is not affected. HPC registration It is a pre-condition of HPC registration that candidates have completed all elements of the course, which includes all of their thesis corrections.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

Ultimately, the examiners will judge how well the corrections have been completed, rather than how long they have taken to be completed.

The candidate is free to choose from a range of approaches and paradigms as long as the research methods are appropriate to the research questions or hypotheses being investigated. Any small deficiencies in conceptualisation, measurement, design or execution are counterbalanced by positive qualities and a thorough discussion of methodological limitations. If your research is part of a joint project e. The criterion of acceptability is that the candidate is making a substantial independent contribution to the study.


The findings and any statistical analyses should be presented with the aid of tables and, if necessary, figures. Volume 1, the research component of the thesis, has a three-part structure, consisting of a literature review paper, an empirical paper and a critical appraisal.

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It is possible, for example, dclinosy a generally excellent thesis may have some flaws requiring corrections, or that a competent but rather uninspiring thesis be awarded a pass. The structure is uc follows:. It is essential to use APA citation and referencing style see the course document on Moodleand also to lay out tables in APA format.

You will need to submit two copies of Volume 1 in a temporary, soft binding. The thesis is bound in ul hard blue cover with gold lettering. Once the Research Administrator has received the hard-bound copy plus the e-thesis version of Volume 1 and assuming that you have completed all other components of the coursethey will inform the HCPC that you have satisfied all the course requirements.

A Fail should be given when the work undertaken by the candidate is irredeemable, i. The link for thesis submission on your Moodle homepage is called ‘Thesis Volume 1 Submission’.

A further oral examination, following resubmission, may be held at the examiners’ discretion.

Examiners’ criteria for evaluating the thesis

Pass A well-conducted and well-presented study. Referred for stipulated revisions three months A thesis which has several substantial flaws in the analysis or write-up. No resubmission is permitted. The two copies of Volume 1 will be sent out to the examiners.


The regulations state that the length of the research thesis shall be approximately 25, words, with a maximum of 40, words; there is no minimum word count. The thesis title and abstract needs to be submitted in the second term of the third year, to enable assignment of internal and external examiners.

To borrow a test, please see the Research Administrator in the General Office.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

This document describes how the thesis should be presented in order to make the nature of each trainee’s contribution explicit. Members of the public, and also UCL students and staff, are invited to participate in projects currently recruiting participants.

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Thesis Submission Deferrals Form. Title and Abstract Form. Proposal for Research Expenses. Turnitin will give your Volume 1 an originality score, but this tells you very little about whether there are any problems with plagiarism in your thesis.

Before the viva, the internal and the external examiner each independently complete a report on the thesis. As a rough guide, each of the four main sections is usually in the range of about 1, to 2, words, with the Results section usually being longer than the other three. You should also describe how you narrowed down the studies from the initial usually large number of hits generated by the search to the final set of studies that you focus on.

It will conclude with a discussion of the scientific and professional implications of the findings.

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