Students of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management may hand in their thesis by delivering a PDF file to the secretariat of their department. Bora College, Shirur, District Pune, Maharashtra, India Introduction In the past, researchers were not able to access all the scholarly literature published across the world due to lack of proper communication technologies. Provides a workspace for work-in-progress, and for collaborative or large-scale projects 7. DSpace University http: Thesis and dissertation repository — Entering the application. Peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings 2.

How do they work? What Do Institutional Repositories Contain? DSpace Centre, University of https: Monographs and books 4. We kindly remind the patrons not to make systematic downloads but to download only the amount of electronic resources they require and not to share the downloaded resources via internet.

January Australian National http: How do they work? EThOS covers more than Check whether all pages of your thesis can be read in the program Adobe Acrobat.

E-Prints November http: EPrints November Paul Sabatier http: Economics and Management Students of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management may hand in their thesis by delivering a PDF file to the secretariat of their department.


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EPrints Research Institute http: Databases Theses and dissertations are known to be the rich and unique source of information, often the only source for research work that does not find its way into various publication channels.

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Thesis and dissertation repository

DSpace 17 Spain http: EPrints Economics and Political November 79 http: Students of the Tilburg School of Humanities hand in a digital version of their thesis at the Service desk Education, Research and Communication D OUC-Oslo University 20 http: Showcases the university to interested constituencies — prospective staff, prospective datqbase and other stakeholders 4. EPrints Uppsala University http: Alma Swan lists the following benefits that repositories bring to institutions- 1.

DSpace University of Zululand http: EPrints Laboratory, India http: If for some reason your thesis cannot be made publicly available, please indicate this when you send it to the service desk. In datanase of problems with the use of PDF contact the http: DSpace Salesiana http: Flinders University, September 25 www.


MSc theses online

Due to the various benefits of Electronic Theses and Dissertations ETDsthey are gaining importance over their traditional formats.

Please note that your thesis will be made publicly available in the Thesis database via the library i.

uvt thesis database

DSpace August Libraries, Ethiopia http: Supports student endeavours, providing access to theses and dissertations and a location for the development of e- portfolios What is an Institutional Repository? The directory of open access repositories.

MSc theses online – WUR

Sinceworks which had been defended between January 1, and September 28, are also gradually being added to the repository. Thesix University of Glasgow http: Driving on the Green Road: Provides access to documents.

uvt thesis database

The researcher can save on printing and copying costs through electronic publishing and information exchange. EPrints Technology Rourkela, http:

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