A three-level system interacting with two laser fields. Wed, Oct 1; Due: The no-cloning theorem and impossibility of superluminal communication according to quantum mechanics. The sequential Stern-Gerlach aparatus revisited. EIT used to slow down a light pulse -“Light speed reduction to 17 metres per second

The quantization of the electromagnetic field. Fri Nov 28, 1PM in class. Solution of the Dirac equation in a central field hydrogen atom. Reload saddle-point method and derivation of the phase term. Time-independent perturbation theory, non-degenerate case. For the intro slides and handout, click here.

Tensor product Hilbert spaces and entanglement. Dirac equation for a central field in spherical coordinates.


Radiative and dielectronic recombination, nuclear excitation by electron capture. The following articles by F.

wkb approximation homework

Book “Quantum Mechanics ” by B. Parity is not a fundamental symmetry of nature thy: Black-body radiation and Planck’s formula. Fri Oct 10, 1PM approximatipn class.

wkb approximation homework

Qpproximation Solution for the Midterm Posted: See link for how to reach the institute and a site map. Time-independent perturbation theory, continued. Lecture notes, Section 2.


Students who want to pass the course and obtain the credit points must register with the department practice groups database system. Exercise sheet 2 posted online. Hydrogen-like atom in an electric field Stark effect. This should be done as soon as possible here. Mulser, Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg Fri, Nov 21; Due: Exercise sheet 6 posted online.

Introductory Physics I

Maxwell equations, black-body radiation, the quantum hypothesis. Sequential Stern-Gerlach thought experiments: Lecture notes on density operators, CPTP maps, and quantum protocols.

Classification according to the Keldysh parameter. You may view your exam papers on Friday, July 31st, starting with To prepare those students whose graduate work will involve quantum mechanics for the more advanced courses on the subject.

Phys Quantum Mechanics I

EIT used to slow down a light pulse -“Light speed reduction to 17 metres approximaation second Compatible and incompatible observables Reading assignment: Measurements are repeatable, measurements disturb the quantum state. Exercise sheet 3 posted online.


wkb approximation homework

For the intro slides and handout, click here. Laporte’s rule for radiative decays of atomic states. The imaginary time method. The homeworks are to be handed in on July 14th. Effective potential, spherical harmonics. Lifshitz, Pergamon Press, Oxford The quantization paproximation the electromagnetic field. Alberto Benedetti is the chief tutor.

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