You are also welcome to contact a student counsellor and get inspiration on how to go about the challenges, or you can contact the programme coordinator for your degree. Each individual group member must fill out a thesis contract. To clarify the direction of your thesis, you can look for inspiration in courses you find interesting, and talk to selected course coordinators or your degree programme coordinator. You are entitled to receive feedback on your thesis once it has been assessed. Marie Louise Bro Pold.

Prior to your re-registration, you must discuss the revised thesis statement with your supervisor. Personal data in projects etc. You must send this revised thesis contract to your supervisor. If you do not submit your thesis by the deadline date, you will be automatically registered for your second examination attempt. It is a good idea to discuss your topic and working title with your thesis supervisor as soon as you have submitted your application for this supervisor. You must still submit the form “Acknowledgement of submission of the thesis” at least six weeks before you wish to submit your thesis.

Good advice regarding your thesis process.

Defence and assessment

Form for students at the School of Communication and Culture: In connection with both an individual exam and a group exam, an individual assessment must be made of the students’ performance, and separate grades must be awarded. If you are not in a group, you will have to choose “Create one-person group”. If you fail the thesis, one examination attempt has been used.


To learn more about defence and assessment, please go to the course descriptionthe examination order in Danish or in the relevant academic regulation.

Students enrolled as of 1 September Study Centre Arts in Aarhus. You must universsity submit the form “Acknowledgement of submission of the thesis” at least six weeks before you wish to submit your thesis.

aarhus university bss master thesis

Writing period and submission. However, you must note the rules regarding maximum duration of study. However, you are responsible for checking, that your registration is correct. Students often cooperate with private companies or organisations when writing their theses and reports. The defence takes place within the four week assessment period, which starts on the date where the thesis is submitted.

Submission of thesis

Read more about applying for exemption. Contact your supervisor initially and universiyt the reasons for the result. If your application is accepted, your supervision plan will be adjusted.

The university can issue a new diploma provided that you contact the studies administration at your main academic area within three months of the announcement of your final exam result. If your maximum duration of studies is extended or shortened, your automatic registration will depend on your maximum duration of studies. You cannot complain about the feedback — only about the mark given. The Board of Studies see each of the three exam attempts isolated, and can therefore only grant an exemption from the deadline for submission if exceptional circumstances have affected the specific examination attempt, you are working on.


Applying for a thesis supervisor. Therefore, you must make absolutely sure that you upload the correct version. You can only change your supervisor in exceptional circumstances, and you must submit an application to do this.

Personal data in projects etc. Confidential Theses Students often cooperate with private companies or organisations when writing their theses thdsis reports.

Please make sure that you use your AU email. An oral defence is an integral part of the thesis assessment. At the defence, the student will start off with a presentation of one or more key issues of the thesis.

aarhus university bss master thesis

It is a good idea to start looking for material already to ensure that you have it when you need it in the thesis process. The thesis will be made available through AU Library, unless the thesis is marked confidential.

aarhus university bss master thesis

You can find an agreement form here: In connection with your thesis, you will be administratively registered for both ordinary examinations and first and second reexaminations. You will be notified by e-mail once the thesis registration is in place.

Study Centre Arts in Emdrup.

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