Storing the MIC in large tanks more than the advised level. Due to that the vent gases could no longer be moved to be burned in the flare. Log In Sign Up. Co – is a repository of information created by your industry peers and experienced seniors. Then in case of dangerous chemical reactions occurring, solvents could be pumped to quench the reactions. Carbon steel is corrodible when exposed to acid. There is a need for the improvements in safety equipment manual to automatic.

The reaction products are not toxic as the MIC. A Case on Noble Paper Unions demands. For several years after the disaster, no information was given about the composition of that deadly cloud. Thus, MIC was stored without cooling, and, if a run-away reaction event should occur, no cooling was available. The operator switched on the the vent gas scrubber and the water curtain sprinkler to neutralize the released gas. When the plant superintendent reached after a short time, he activated the toxic gas alarm. The gas was pushed by a gentle wind as a compact front towards Bhopal city.

The main problem is that the temperature could increase quickly to about C. Co – trafedy a repository of information created by your industry peers tragery experienced seniors. Thirdly, the nitrogen pad provided a positive head of 15 to 20 psig within the tank so that material could be forced through the feed pipe to the transfer pumps.

First, since MIC is a flammable and can burn — so contact with oxygen is avoided. Because the gas is heavier than the air it settled down and pushed by a gentle wind towards Bhopal city.


The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Actually there was no Freon in the system. If water comes in contact with MIC a run-away reaction starts which increases the reaction temperature, as a result the reaction rate increases hragedy and more.

This was the reason of malfunctioning of a lot of safety devices; need to sequence dangerous water flushing of pipes. Due to that the vent gases could no longer be moved to be burned in the flare.

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Other eighth employee died in jail before the judgment. The Perfect body language at an interview. The flare system was out of service. Moreover a study group from American university American University AU or American is a private liberal arts[4] and research university in Washington, D.

The concrete around the tanks started to crack. These reactions will be catalyzed and be faster in case of existence of Iron oxides as happened in the day of disaster.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy|Business Ethics Case Studies

At a certain temperature the MIC molecules start to combine with their selves with generating more heat. Subject Category Recent Discussions. Safety systems were in a stand by mood to save money. Moreover, the existence of Iron oxides with water which entered the MIC tank acts as a catalyst accelerates its chemical reaction with water. In the available references and official reports, there is a lot of variation about the number of victims and different theories about the reason of the initial event caused that disaster.

case study on bhopal gas tragedy ppt

In summary, the accident was waiting to happen, and was given a chance to happen The company and the operators were careless about safety of the society and workers.


Remember me on this computer. What sutdy o2 cylinder attaching while gas cutting or welding time 8 Replies 3 Files. Moreover the storage tanks are put under a concrete cover to protect them from hot Indian sun.

In the year the demand for pesticide dropped but the company continues producing MIC. It was found that if water accumulated to a height of 6 meters above the cleaning area, it could drain by gravity flow into the tank. This is also called nitrogen blanketing or nitrogen purging. In addition, practicing and graduating chemical engineers became closer to the process safety and environmental issues through the educational development and scientific research.

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Bhopal disaster cases study. Bhopal Plant Disaster Appendix A: In the plant sttudy visited by a group of American experts; they warned UCC about the possibility of ran-away reaction in the MIC storage tanks.

Figure 10 description of the human error theory This includes replacing imported stainless steel parts with Indian carbon steel parts. Click here to sign up. MIC production unit was added at to produce it on side rather than importing it.

case study on bhopal gas tragedy ppt

The boiling point of the MIC is around

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