Unable to repay the debt, many farmers usually take the unfortunate step of committing suicide. Is GM cotton to blame? Recent study shows that almost a third of suicide survivors family members left behind had suicide ideation in one month prior to assessment. Farmer suicides rates in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh — two large states of India by size and population — have been about 10 times lower than Maharashtra, Kerala and Pondicherry. Assessment of suicide risk Crisis hotline List of suicide crisis lines Suicidal ideation Suicide intervention Suicidology Suicide prevention Suicide watch.

The small farmers should be encouraged to develop alternate sources of income. Your email address will not be published. Censorship Internet Films about social issues Freedom of expression Social impact of Indian soap opera. Historical records relating to frustration, revolts and high mortality rates among farmers in India, particularly cash crop farmers, date back to the 19th century. Is it social, political or something else?

Fagmersthe Government of India identified 31 districts in the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala with high relative incidence of farmers suicides.

Comments sir i did b pharmacy. Part I”, Population Studies, volume 45, no. Scientific innovation has touched each field including agriculture. The small farmers should be encouraged to develop alternate sources of income.

essay on farmers suiciding in india

Archived from the original on 29 September Your email address will not be published. Famers usually face difficulty raising money to cultivate land and often take heavy debts for this purpose. Lovely Professional University Apply Now. The reap of the harvest of a farmer is the centre of individual, social, economic and political life of the farmer.


Retrieved 21 June It is a big issue in India to save the life of farmers so, the major and effective steps can help to stop the suicides of farmers in India.

essay on farmers suiciding in india

Decentralization is integrately related with root democracy. Similarly, the productivity of wheat was farmerz There are a number of reasons why farmers in India are committing suicides. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Farmer Suicides – how can we prevent them?

The award-winning film Jhing Chik Jhing is based around the emotive issue of farmer suicides in Maharashtra. Taking all states together, there is evidence to support the hypothesis that the reverse is true: The state government of Maharashtra passed the Money Lending Regulation Act, to regulate private money lending to farmers.

As per the statastics released by Registrar General of India out of the total Is there lack of sheer purpose of public delivery or any hindrances in reaching the targeted group? It set the maximum interest rates on the loans given to farmers by private lenders as slightly higher than the money lending rate set by Reserve Bank of India.

Despite lots of government schemes for the farmers why is it happening in India?

Farmers’ suicides in India – Wikipedia

Statistics reveal that farmer suicides in India account for Numerous farmer suicide cases are reported each year in India. The Holi dssay is the festival of colors.


Stone [56] suggests that the arrival and expansion of GM cotton led to a campaign of misinformation, by all sides, exacerbating the farmer’s situation; activists have fuelled the persistence of a legend of failure and rejection of Bt cotton with sensational claims of livestock esday and farmer suicide, while the other side has been incorrectly pronouncing Bt cotton a major success based on literature that is actually inconclusive.

Most farmers are the sole earners of the family. No drought of grief in Gujarat”.

They then question whether the impact of the increase in use of Bt cotton on farmers suicide in Madhya Pradesh has been to improve or worsen the situation. No doubt the prices of agriculture produce need be sufficient for the honorable survival of the rural community.

At its behest, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research in Mumbai [74] did field research and found the top causes of farmers suicides to be: Various reasons have been offered to explain why farmers commit suicide in India, including: Farmers were entitled to many other benefits under this package. Retrieved 6 May

essay on farmers suiciding in india

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