Finally, through the establishment of reading groups, symposia series, conferences, etc. Having found a faculty member who agrees to serve as a mentor, students should, in consultation with the mentor and the Director of Graduate Studies, find two further faculty members readers who agree to serve on the Proposal Defense Committee, to read the dissertation in its entirety, and to serve on the Dissertation Defense Committee. Papers and Projects M. Fordham University’s Department of Philosophy has a long and distinguished record, having offered programs in philosophy for more than years. Students who qualify will receive a description of the program and an invitation to apply from the Chair or Associate Chair of the department after grades for the Fall Semester Junior Year have been posted and before registration for Fall Semester Senior Year begins. A paper requiring substantial revision merits a Pass , whereas a paper that is deemed not publishable even with revisions merits a Fail. Is the textual and historical scholarship sound?

Students entering the Ph. If one evaluator assigns a grade of Pass and the other assigns a grade of Fail , a third faculty member will evaluate the project, and the student must receive a grade of Pass from the third evaluator in order to complete the requirement successfully. Students will participate in the normal B. It is given that they will read the final draft of the completed dissertation and be questioners at the oral defense; but the nature and extent of their involvement during its writing are negotiable. Since the author is on the verge of passing from student to professional colleague of the examiners, she or he can expect to be pressed hard on central points in the manner that the examiners would press each other when presenting papers. The Senior Teaching Fellowship is designed for students who have already completed a teaching fellowship within their department and have demonstrated effective teaching skills. The departmental lecture series exposes students to outstanding scholars from all over the world, and together with Fordham’s distinguished School of Law the department sponsors a Natural Law Colloquium.

The department chairperson or program director is responsible for ensuring that the committee is professionally appropriate.

Master’s Thesis

It would have been into better understanding if they’ll be sharing interesting dissertation topics online. Hence, students should plan accordingly and allow themselves time to revise their submitted papers and have them evaluated before the end of the fourth term. Philosophy students and faculty at Fordham together benefit from guidelinss exceptional academic and research environment provided by New York City.


fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

Admission to the Gsax The program is available to philosophy majors who have a cumulative 3. Students should schedule a reading list exam in consultation with the mentor and committee members, who should make an effort to be flexible in their scheduling. Make sure that the changes conform to the formatting guidelines for dissertations and then secure approval of those changes from your mentor and committee. Deadlines for making consortium course changes add, drop, change of grade type are governed by the GSAS academic calendar.

Dissertating students, for their part, should remain in contact with their mentors and readers, respond to communications and feedback for revisions in a timely manner, and keep mentors and readers informed of any needed alterations to the working timeline or target completion date.

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Logic Requirement All Ph. Time limit requirements apply to both full and part time students. This may take the form of one historical period and two contemporary approaches, or two historical periods and one contemporary approach.

During the writing of the dissertation the student should be in regular conversation with his or her mentor, submitting written drafts of dissertafion or sections from time to time for feedback and refinement. Fordham’s membership in the consortium means that Fordham graduate students have the opportunity to diseertation courses not only from Fordham’s own internationally recognized faculty, but also from New York-based philosophers and professors such as Richard Bernstein, Philip Kitcher, Saul Kripke, Alexander Nehamas, Graham Priest, Michael Smith, and Ernest Sosa.

GSAS Policies and Procedures Guidebook | Fordham

Students are strongly encouraged to have one paper completed in the first year or certainly no later than the fall semester of the second year. Readers going on leave should communicate with the student and her or his mentor about expectations of involvement during the leave period.

Possibilities for the special project include, but are not limited to:. The department offers courses in all periods of the history of philosophy, and its pluralism manifests itself in the wide variety of schools and perspectives represented in its contemporary philosophy courses.

It is strongly recommended that students work to set a date with their committee as early as possible in the semester for the fall, in September, and for the spring, in January so that the date can be set before faculty calendars are filled.


Does it make a significant contribution to current philosophical scholarship? The examples in the article are inspiring — a history student could work on a project for a museum, or a preservation agency.

Fordham GSAS: Grad. Life: Reforming the Dissertation Process

Since the author is on the verge of passing from student to professional colleague of the examiners, she or he can expect to be pressed hard on central points in the manner that the examiners would press each other when presenting papers.

Special Projects must be submitted no later than December 15 for the fall semester and April 15 for the spring semester. In this way, the area reading list is distinct from a dissertation bibliography. Members of the department edit several well-known journals: As well as publishing scholarly books and articles, the faculty diswertation as officers of philosophical disesrtation and as editors of philosophical journals and book series. Again, no appointment is sissertation.

From there you can check your registration status, search for classes, and add or drop classes from your schedule. Does it develop a clear philosophical approach or method in discussing the problem or issue at hand?

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

In order to do so, log on to my. Degree Requirements Students admitted into the program take three level graduate courses in their Senior Year. As such, they have responsibility for their own courses. Fordham Philosophical Society Created and organized by students, the Fordham Philosophical Society FPS seeks, as its main purpose, to foster the professional development of students in the philosophy program. Students who wish for an extension to the doctoral time limit must apply before the conclusion of their final academic year.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

A date for the dissertation proposal defense must be set by October 15 for a defense in the fall semester and by March 15 for a defense in the spring semester.

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