Discussion covers concepts of business processes and alignment of information systems solutions to strategic goals. Describes the organization and provides an introduction to what follows; and is clear, logical, and derived from the Case Study. First, insert an introductory opening sentence for this section. See course schedule for specific dates. Course Withdrawal Policy – Students must follow drop and withdrawal procedures and deadlines available at https:

Extra Credit Extra credit is not available. Background and Organizational Analysis Stage 1 — The first step is to look at the organization and explain how an IT system could benefit CIC by improving its hiring system. Sources used are relevant and timely and contribute strongly to the analysis. The quizzes are designed to encourage students to think about what has been presented and then select the “best” answer, developing critical thinking and analysis skills, and not just checking to see if they can go back into the material and find the correct answer. Current Business Environment CIC provides consultants on-site to work with its clients, delivering a wide variety of IT-related services. See Project Descriptions below for details. Students are expected to work together cooperatively, and treat fellow students and faculty with respect, showing professionalism and courtesy in all interactions.

Stage 4 Using the case provided, write a short paper that identifies a technology solution to improve the identified process and the next steps to implementing it, addressing areas specified in the instructions.

Your paper will be developed using Microsoft Word, or a software that can be read with Microsoft Word.

ifsm-300 case study stage 1 business environment analysis

She will be looking for clear information that proposals have been well researched, provide a needed capability for the organization, and can be cost-effectively implemented in a relatively short period of time to reap the benefits. The grade will then be sent to the grade book, stored and made available to you.


That data can then be aggregated, processed, and turned into useful information to support the hiring process.

ifsm-300 case study stage 1 business environment analysis

We will focus our efforts on 1 how to analyze the business environment; 2 how to use technology most effectively in an organization to achieve organizational goals; and 3 how technology impacts the organization. The Chief Information Officer CIO then recommended that the company look for a commercial off-the-shelf software product that can dramatically improve the hiring process and shorten the time it takes to hire new employees.


When it is awarded a contract, the customer expects CIC to quickly provide the consultants and begin work on the project. Manager of Recruiting vi. Strategic and Operational Outcomes Stage 3 A. Director of Human Resources v. Discussion topics will be assigned by the instructor and will relate to the course outcomes, assigned readings and projects in a given week.

Extra Credit Extra credit is not available.


Classes where final grade of C or F places a student on Academic Probation must be repeated. Strategic Use of Technology Stage 2 A. All quizzes must be completed. You will be asked to complete an online evaluation toward the end of ifsm-3300 term. Use the recommendations provided in each area for length of response.

Assignments in this class, in particular for the multiple part Case Study, build upon one another. The primary purpose of this evaluation process is to assess the effectiveness of classroom instruction in order to provide the best learning experience possible and make continuous improvements to every class.

Moving into the twenty-first century, technology is becoming ever more powerful and embedded in the majority of business processes to meet ever-changing business studdy and technological improvements.


An overview of information systems analyzis how they provide value by supporting organizational objectives. Background and Organizational Analysis Stage 1 – The first step is to look at the organization and explain how an IT system could benefit CIC by improving its hiring processes. Cawe Walkthrough Videos Link Students also have access to a calendar tool on the course homepage within the classroom.

Double space the information snalysis single space table entries. The exam will be available to you during the last week of class. Describes the organization and provides an effective introduction to what follows; is clear, logical, derived from the Case Study; and demonstrates a sophisticated level of writing.

Each process step should be concise and include an action verb.

Students can access their complete list of assignments and their corresponding due dates within the Assignments section of the classroom by navigating to the Assignments section of the class from the main navigation bar. Provide an introductory sentence and copy the table and insert information within. Once you begin the exam, you will have a specific amount of time to complete it. Syllabus View Print Download. Login Keyword search Perform search.

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