This also gives an access to the Heathrow airport, and can take you up to Bath and Bristol. Preparing for an earthquake. The Wadden Sea provides a large diversity of fish species and other seafood animals, making fishery an important industry for the local communities. The Anonymous August 30, at 4: Longterm responses are the reconstruction of damages houses and roads and research on the effect of ash on air planes. Longterm responses included reparation of three-quaters of the damaged buildings.

Also, the Maldives plan to be a carbon neutral country by In other words, they try to avoid adding Co2 to the atmosphere, as carbon dioxide is considered to be responsible for global warming. The Great Barrier reef is threatened by global warming, which increases coral bleaching. Furthermore, population pressure results in overcultivation and overgrazing, especially around cities like Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, damaging the natural vegetation. It is located near Cambridge in the United Kindom, as Cambridge University provides a large supply of expert labour and allows for the sharing of technology. Features of a drainage basin. Regards, Carina Like Like.

Nevertheless, good transport facilities exist, including the M11 motorway link to London for the export of finished products and London Stansted International Airport which allows for worldwide trade.

November 15, at 8: Also, the Maldives plan to be a carbon neutral country by Immediate responses included an emergency evacuation of more than people. Urban Sprawl is the expansion of human populations in there cities or in it suburb. This, coupled with the expansion of palm oil plantations, has had damaging effects on the natural enviroment. Underpopulation Canada is regarded as an underpopulated country as the carrying capacity is much higher than the current population.


Site Factors of Power Stations. Causes Population growth – increased demand for housing Demand for out of town shopping and retail parks lead to buildings constructed on previously undeveloped places Migration – from urban areas to rural areas – in HICs as the urban fringe area has more space, cheaper land and less congestion than the inner city Migration – rural to urban – pull factors include better opportunities, etc, and urban sprawl can happen when there is rapid urban growth and the housing facilities cannot cope with it.

The Maldivian Government has built a 3m high sea wall that surrounds the island of Male, to protect it from flooding and preserve its beaches. Obstructions on the beach caused a sheltered area. Specifically, the growing timber market meant that more trees had to be felled to provide sufficient raw material for the industry.

This has been caused by factors like: You are commenting using your Google account.

Urban Sprawl – Mr Carter’s IGCSE Geography

Braunschweig is a district in Lower Saxony, Germany, with a population of aroundinhabitants. This has been caused by factors such as:. In mountainous areas, many farmers also raise livestock to compensate for the lower yields from cultivation on mountain slopes.

urban sprawl case study igcse

Besides, deforestation requires people to travel farther to collect enough fuelwood. Tourists are educated about how their trip affects the reef and they are not allowed in certain sensitive areas. The Marine Park Authority gives out permits for fishing, diving and more and has boats patrol the area to prevent illegal activity.

The Anonymous August 30, at 4: Lesotho is a landlocked country that borders South Africa. Hrban earthquake resulted in approximatelydeaths massive loss of lifedestruction ofhomes and around 5, schools.


Case study: Urban Sprawl – London

Feeding Shearing to obtain wool Milking. Diego April 6, at 6: How earthquakes are measured.

urban sprawl case study igcse

On the other hand, people did not want to live near wind farms, as these were considered a form of visual pollution. The widespread deforestation has reduced the humidity of the already dry region, as less plants release water by evapotranspiration.

Military soldiers established sand bag walls to control the Elbe and Danube rivers and protect buildings in areas such as Dresden and Passau. The massive ash cloud blocked air traffic in large parts of Europe for several days, leaving tourists and business people stranded at their destinations. Vehicle emissions, industrial discharge and burning of fossil fuels have resulted in air pollutionwhile the ground water has been polluted due to arsenic.

November 1, at 3: Botswana is a landlocked country, north of South Africa.

urban sprawl case study igcse

Additionally, soil quality declined, not only due to the logging of trees which disrupted the soil nutrient cycle but also as a side effect of coal mining, as this involved the removal of the fertile topsoil layer. Short-term responses to the earthquake included search and rescue efforts, as well as the the import of food, water and shelter from the USA and Dominican Republic.

The toyotarisation disturbs animals, kills vegetation and creates dust stroms.

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